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Feeling I get when look to the west...

Chem-trails, nGod's puppetry, telling me,
pulling my heart strings, pulling my leg
my knee-jerk sympathies and anger,

Your legs are nice. I conceptualize you as a goddess. You are penultimate. I love your pedestals...
Can't we all get along? I didn't mean you were crazy, but what are we to believe? I don't have any definitive proof. Okay, I give up.

Yes... (ahem) (is this thing on?)
I hereby... renounce Satan.
My confirmation has taken place. I absorb the proper bias. I have no room to question without already knowing all the correct answers. If I don't, I'll ask. Some things you just know. Devils and details won't lead you astray if you simply answer the question simply.


I am not a number.

Yes, you are. No, you are not- you are nothing,
as th'I smugly denounce the toxic. Poison of the world, I delete you. You are blocked!
Cleanse, clean the world. You are not one of us.
The rhythm of our trampling red and pinko heels shall sing in lockstep -
"Gayly under rainbow flag as fruity futures bling, equality shall reign upon them- with great wrath and vengeance!"
( that doesn't sound very...)
"Glory, gory, Halealeuah...
(I'm for that, well maybe not the last part)
"Get thee hence, hoary devil!
"Hoary Devil! No talking! Hoary Devil! No talking!" ( shouting down on them, the chorus above)

I feel my shame like a blood-soaked shawl dropping over me. I'm a devil. Evil, demon- devil. I may not speak. I must listen quietly from the back, I must attend, but not step forward. No forefronting. No front-running.
I am a nothing; a non-
I shall not want.
I shall not express
I shall not suppress anyone, except me.
Don't accept me
I deserve nothing!
Not any more!
Cast out this devil.
Take off his balls
Rejoice, rejoice- you have no choice,
but first- take off his balls- give him no



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