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Feeling froggy.


I had a frog in my shoe.

No, seriously... I went to put on my riding shoe, and something moved. It was not scorpions ( I'm sure that was your first thought; mine too...) or a large moth (about that size, shape) but a small tree frog.

* Boink-* and he was gone, somewhere inside my truck.

I felt bad. You see, I had driven somewhere far to go riding. I'm sure he was from my yard (...had to be) as I had right-before leaving retrieved my shoes from the back porch. Little guy had crawled in there sometime before, after my last ride. I had rinsed my shoes off with the water hose, and left them out to dry. The inside of a damp shoe must've seemed like a nice, cozy spot to hide in.

Anyway, I figured he was a goner, trapped inside my vehicle with the windows rolled up in the parking lot while I went riding. It gets hot here. Maybe he'd make it, but I figured he'd be hiding somewhere, invisible under the seats only to dry up over the next few days at best.

So so when I came back he was up on the window climbing around, sliding on the glass with his little suction-cup belly.

After a short chase around the cab, I caught him. But what to do with him? I was miles from home, at the edge of some strange and (for this frog) faraway mountains. This was next to the Arroyo Seco which has water. It was several hundred yards away, down a cliff, but I thought there must be a closer access point around where I could drop him off. Water is water, right? Certainly, there's frog here, too, in the season.

So, after about five minutes of driving ( him, inside my screw-on lid Tupperware cup) I found a park on the other side somewhere ( it was dark already) of the Arroyo. I drove in, got to what felt like (... colder) and smelled like ( swampy?) a low point, got out, and headed off into the dark towards what I think we're willows ( which are what line the edge of natural waterways, here, but like I said , it was dark).

I got down, let him out ( could barely see him ), but I couldn't help but feel him looking at me like 'Hey, what the heck, you're gonna leave me here in this strange place miles from my native gene-pool?!'

And then I thought: Come-on, then... you're gonna do fine, right? So what if you're a little different than the frogs around here? That just means you'll stand out. You'll be like the Italian guy up in Sweden. Yeah, that's right - the local chicks will go crazy. You're like 'Mr. Exotic'. That's right, they'll be like "Oo! I gotta cross my genetics with him." And look at you, all hoppy and athletic - stuck yourself way up high to the glass an all. Yeah, they'll be crazy for it - and a good choice, too , right? So, you just camp out somewhere in the damp, and wait for Spring. Don't get yourself washed downstream, and next thing you know, it's 'the Spawn'.

Yee-haw, right?

Now, go get em, tiger.

And then I drove home.
Hope he does okay.



I worked with a guy cleaning rugs, He unrolled one, and a big spider crawled out. He gently scooped it up and walked it out of the plant, a good 20 yards or so.
Killing is never to be taken lightly, even if it is a small creature.
But yeah. I check my shoes / boots all the time. Mostly for cat barf. But you never know.
Love the way your mind overthinks things. I relocated a tarantula once. Biggest concern was that it'd find its way back like a stray cat.
Underd0g;bt13323 said:
Love the way your mind overthinks things. I relocated a tarantula once. Biggest concern was that it'd find its way back like a stray cat.
overthinker, huh? You know I tell ya... you underthinkers... Sometimes I think it's just me, Einstein, and Borat against the world.

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