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You grow up hearing about the people’s of the ancient and the old world who pioneered the wonders of the physical and the cerebral. As a grown up you hear of people half your age who made great leaps of discovery or built incredible structures from what seems like the equivalent of a penny and thread. The wonder part, I imagine, cones down to a sense of correlation. They did what seems to be impossible...or impossible for us, but I’m wondering.

You ever just stop in the middle of the road and wonder what would happen if you just dropped everything and kept going in a particular direction? There’s a great sense of imminent freedom in it- second only to the extraordinary fear of the unknown, of risk and almost certain- if not immediate- disaster. But more and more you keep finding yourself back at this crossroads. Go your own way...or continue surviving.

I’m looking for a lot of alternatives. Alternatives to publication. Alternatives to education. I almost feel like reading the biography of one of those start-ul personalities, but the cynic warns me that those stories are only part truth, part advertisement, and part things you won’t know but should know. But I do think this is the feeling that many people come to when they are deciding to strike out on their own. To try something risky. Has anyone here done something similar? Is there any real world advice from a real person I can learn from? Did the people who self-started need teachers or advice or did they figure it out for themselves- as the term self-made seems to imply?

I only have one saving grace. Passion is an arrow. There’s only forward, whatever comed of it...


I am in a similar state, looking for alternatives. My advice is read the works and biographies / autobiographies of those people whom you admire. That's what I am doing. And even a trailblazer, or whatever word you prefer if any word at all, needs a compass. He ought to map the territory as he goes, too. So I think knowing yourself is a good place to start regarding the former, and recording it and thoroughly exploring the places you come across will serve you well.
What kind of education? School or life? School is easy,
they're everywhere...life however, although everywhere
and the pursuit of life’s lessons is the road less traveled,
but most worthwhile. Travel if you can, even nearby, visit
somewhere new...the object is to try new things and
have new experiences, all the while discovering yourself
in those new situations and around new people. Smith
was right...know yourself...find out who you are in all
aspects and under many, many different conditions and
you will discover the ‘why’.

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