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Favourite place to write?

:book::book: Where is your favourite place to write your masterpiece? Safe at home with a glass of wine and warm by the fire? In your office or bedroom, in a park, the bathroom? Somewhere new or strange or maybe in a haunted wood? :saturn::saturn:


Welcome Arthur :)

It really depends on what I'm writing. Poetry, as far away from my PC as possible. My favourite place is on the beach just before sunset or by the pool. Glass of wine in one hand, pen and notebook in the other. Prose, usually in my office at my PC.
Well I guess I need a place with music or some sort of noise (TV maybe). Then I can write and hang over here at WF simultaneously. That's pretty much it in a nutshell.
Allotment was really relaxing today. Calm sky mixed with rain clouds. Fruit trees looking good, roses blooming, plenty of butterflies and bees. Wonderful place to write, read and create.
I was thinking today (that's a first), about various ideas and where they flow the most. I'm used to chilling out in my office, or walking the dog around villages or through the countryside; but we recently spent some time in London.

I ended up in Soho Square just watching the world go by. It wasn't long before the infamous notebook was out and I couldn't keep up with my thoughts.

So much going on, people from all walks of life and openings for character building. I still can't get over the fact that this small square of tranquillity exists within the mighty capital and offers so much if you're looking for new writing threads.

So I guess that a change is as good as a rest.
I was going to post in my Bridge 194 blog, but after a full days decorating I just can't muster, or Mustard the energy. We promised our youngest daughter it would be done over the summer, so that's that.

The attic is cosy with a lovely view, but like all attics, it's boiling in summer and cold in winter; so maybe not a good place to write.

But having said that, the cellar, which I cleared out a couple of days ago, is also not a good place to write. Woooo, scary, Betty our dog will have nothing to do with it!
Recently spent some time on Holy Island, Wales. Remote and rugged cottage, but also warm and welcoming. Produced two short story drafts and a little poetry. Fantastic place to create and write. Brilliant for the imagination, a good place to write.

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