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Father Gonzo, Father Grunge, teach me your Walk...

This is not to say I look up to them for their addictions or their unfortunate suicides, but Hunter S. Thompson and Kurt Cobain are powerful influences in my life. The Father Of Gonzo and the Father Of Grunge--two men who entered the field of their interest, each carrying a powerful message, and, unwilling to change themselves, changed it completely and forever. But, yes, it is a bit about the 'rock-star lives' they led, though only one was a musician.

Currently, I am reading Dr. Thompson's sports articles for ESPN, which are less about sports and more about hilarious stories, which could all be false, and insults to politicians. I insist you check it out: TotallyGonzo.org There are also videos of the Good Doctor himself. It's all extremely interesting to me. I'm acting like a school girl crushing over the boy bands, squealing when they come on TV, absorbing their work like a sick, fanatic sponge.

I hope to read every scrap of Thompson's work. I recently finished reading a biography of his life ("Gonzo: The Life Of Hunter S. Thompson", I highly recommend) and it has inspired me, perhaps to blame for this new attack on the writing world. Whatever the case, I commemorate these heroes. Cobain, can you hear the spheres singing songs off station to station?


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