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Family. Work. Life. Us.

Good Evening Writing Forums,

I am going to disclose a few recent events that have delayed my judging for the LM competition.

  • Retirement Party: Mother's 29 1/2 years of service as a Public Safety Communications Supervisor. This party was held with two other recent retirees. Two officers had over 30 years on duty.
  • Working roughly 30 to over 40 hours a week, including a graveyard shift and days off.
  • Top fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund at work
  • Conflicting family tension now that everyone is home
  • Soon to be moving out of state stress. I am not even sure if I want to stay in Connecticut.

As always, life does come first. I am going to work on these critiques. A lot of them have been already written out. If anything, I am apologizing for the delay in my own progress. Much of it isn't even transparent at this point. The only thing I would say you might have noticed was the inactivity around the forums. It's not so much with greeting new members. It's overall main threads. I will hopefully get back on track soon.

Thank you,



Anthony you do know that if all you did was hang out at the WF you would have nothing to write about, no real life perspective to add to meaning to your words, nor have the ability to connect or show empathy for your fellow members. Your busy life is what makes you who you are and why you add much to what goes on around here.

It would be scary if you were always here :}
You're absolutely right! What I learned yesterday is a new perspective to apply for tomorrow's challenges. Sometimes it's always good to breathe. I am often browsing WF via mobile. You guys are always in my pocket like little army men.

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