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Thinkest thee that
thine own thyme,
twine, and time most matter?
Moist grey matter in-head, which does not heed to needs of others be-near, those deemed beneath except for those thee hold dear.

Violets, tulips, and poppycock.
Such is this tripe
as garnish to
the hollyhock.

Goodness, be?
Oh no, goodness me,
no, what thou does
thinkest is foul
when set explinkest
to custom curtsey scroll

Use it to wipe
as what it's worth
this wipe-worth junk of junket


Not sure I get it, Kev. Think I'll come back later with a fresh set of eyes and give it a re-read.
It's impression, Winston. What ever impression it gives is a good read of it. Then dispose of it. :)

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