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Don't expect anything emotional here.

I enjoy how people assume that faith is blind. Illogical.

For the most part I have avoided directly stating what I believe here, but I see no harm in sharing it. I thought I'd do so in blog form.

Please do not assume I'm trying to convince anyone of anything. I'm only stating my own reasons for believing what I do, and if you're interested in seeing my viewpoint, then by all means keep reading.

I will say that I am a Christian. However, nothing that I believe in based on emotion, or a 'feeling in my heart.'

For one, I find every scientific explanation for the origin of life to be lacking.So far, all the evidence indicates that life cannot come from inanimate matter. At the molecular level there is no reason why a human should move. A little bigger at the cellular level- proteins are needed to create RNA but RNA cannot be created without proteins... I find it hard to understand how each of these could have developed independently of one another and yet necessary to both.

DNA itself is something entirely unexplained. I find it hard to believe that everything living has it's own written instructions that are incredibly complex yet efficiently stored in the smallest space possible.

For those who profess to follow evidence it is amazing how much is based on stipulation with little proof.

Carbon dating is actually very inaccurate. Mostly it's just a guess. The rate of decay changes incredibly often (I think it's based on atmospheric conditions? Anyways, it changes a lot.) and whoever is performing this dating simply gives his opinion on how old he thinks it is.

The size of the fossils themselves, the skulls normally, are misrepresented in textbooks. They actually vary incredibly in size. I find it hard to believe this is an evolutionary progression when the skulls have such an incredible difference in size between each one.

Entire skeletons of the supposed ancestors of humans are 'constructed' from incredibly small fragments based on proportions. Jawbones, teeth, fingers... Given how much individual humans change, I highly doubt that any old jawbone and teeth would be a new species.

Those reasons and many more are why I don't put my faith in human scientists and scholars.

Most people use human suffering to depict God or any deity as cruel. Especially the Christian God.

Everyone knows the story of Adam and Eve, right? He told them to fill the earth and subdue it. But if they disobeyed, sinned...the punishment for sin is death. Period. He informed Adam of this. It's not as if he didn't tell anyone. Sin came from Adam and spread to all men, and we all die because we all have sinned.

As a second point, what was Satan's challenge to Job? He said that God had put a hedge around Job. 'Skin on behalf of skin. Everything that a man has he will give on behalf of his life.'That was a challenge, not to Job himself, but to man as a whole.

If he simply blessed and protected everyone, how would that answer Satan's challenge? It wouldn't. He would be able to say the same thing. Rather, he wants people to do the right thing because they WANT to. Not because it's easy. Or else Satan would be correct. Of course he's not.

He is allowing the course of action, of both Satan and humans, to run it's course.

If he simply threw his hands up, destroyed everything, and started over; what would that prove? Nothing.

Rather, there are prophecies that speak of a time when suffering, disease, famine, and death itself will no longer exist.

Just because he has allowed this to happen for a time, not intervened immediately and saved us from the consequences of our own actions... how does that indicate cruelty?

I'm not asking YOU. That's a question I ask myself.

This is simply how I reason on the matter. More or less, just to share about myself.

Y'all have a good day.


I believe there is a greater force. Is it a deity? Maybe, maybe not.

I still find science fascinating, and while there is a lot of guess-work, I have faith that answers will be found. I guess I just agree with the reasoning and what evidence does exist. I believe in evolution.

The thing I've always wondered about, is consciousness. Our self of individuality and self. Does it lie in our electrical currents? Our chemical processes? Or is it just the result of all those things working together?

I have nothing against religion. I don't believe in their higher-powers, but I appreciate the positive messages, morals, and so on that they can represent. There are things that I like about Islam, just like there are things I like about Confucianism.

Thanks for sharing!

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