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Failure to Understand

I will never understand why, no matter what good a person does- some people can only focus on the bad, that one mistake the person makes.

I'm getting ridiculed on another forum because of ONE single typo that I made. This one member ( who seems to think of herself as the guardian of the gate) continuities to post in the thread repeating my mistake.

She is supposedly smarter than I am, she has a better education, a better life style, a better life. And yet she treats people like they're beneath her. Her mentality seems to be "if you're not like me, you don't belong here."

I don't want to be like her. I spent a life time being bullied by people like this.

I will never understand why people do this to other. Even less, do I understand why this type of person is the popular one.

The PC term would be elitist. In my perspective, she's just a bitch and people treat her like she gold.

On forums I've been part of in the past, these people have been called 'golden members'. People who treat others as I have described and management / mods do nothing to them.


Snow, some people are just born mean. The worst type are the supercilious b***ards who take great delight in putting people down. Can you put her on ignore so you don't have to read her comments?
I've dealt with *insert several swears* for all my life. I used to take everything very poorly. It wasn't until the last few years I realised that putting effort into things you can't control is pointless. In fact, the frustration will compound itself. Just chalk it up as a lession learned and move on. Dont let other people take up real estate in your mind. God knows I've done the opposite long enough. I was nearing insanity at my last job due to my boss . I highly recommend reading Marcus Aurelius' Meditations. Best $15 I ever spent
Earwig any conversation an 9 times out of ten they will be bitching about someone...I've tried it myself but I'm a poor judge of people and wasn't able to keep up with it all...if you become an outsider than you will be disliked by the ones talking about others an the ones being talked about..you are either with them or against them..one of the worst bits of advice I was given was if you work hard and just get on with it things will fall into place.!...yes people are strange and Oscar wild said the worse thing about being talked about is not being talked about..I say to that quote..utter crap
Thank you. It's hard for me to give up that site because I'm the one that got it started; which happened because of "golden members' on yet another site I belonged to.

The site I'm referring to remains the most successful of all the sites I've started. For me, it was about sharing the common interest in astronomy some place where bullies were not allowed. I passed on ownership of the site when the time was right. Since hen, however, I've seen friends leave because of issues with one person or another. And now this. This woman is the type who's the very reason for why I created this site in the first place. I've come to learn that the admins trashed the TOS. Instead of banning the bullies, they're ignoring them. All I can do is shake me head. It's so sad.
I consider myself more of a Bronze-level member here. Or copper? Let's just go with tin. That's it.
Seriously, in my experience there is much more iron pyrite out there than gold.

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