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Eyes on the horizon.

I've been smokeless, dry, and without... many other things, for days now. And no, not any illegal substances!

Yesterday was the angriest I've ever been since I've been on medication. In the end, it will be better for me. But I didn't expect such a strong withdrawal.

But nah, I'm not complaining.

I have always considered myself fortunate, being able to separate myself from momentary emotion and see a bigger picture than most people my age. Every time I feel bad, I don't get stressed because I know it's not the end of the world.

I think heart disease is more common simply because people are too wrapped up in what they're doing. 'Eyes on the prey, not on the horizon.' - Stuff like that. Me, I have no prey. I watch the sky.

It's too easy to be solely focused on what's immediately before you.

It's not an attitude, (I know I have a nasty attitude,) rather, a perspective. Some have such narrow vision, and only focus on the bad. Some can see everything, but willingly choose to ignore what is good.

Some might say I'm unmotivated, or, I don't care.

True, I'll never go to a college. I won't become a professor or doctor or lawyer. I'm terrible at math and my memory sucks. I'll get a physical job, actual work, and do that until I'm old and crippled.

I prefer a slow pace. Why stress yourself out?

I won't be the most successful person, but I won't be depressed. I won't end up jumping off a bridge. I won't whine to other people about how much my life sucks and make other people sad with a bleak outlook.

Yeah, right now I'm lonely. I'm cranky because my body wants a bunch of crap that's not good for me, and I need to find better work.

But I'll be damned if I become another workaholic killing myself with stress, or a couch potato doing an Eeyore impression.


Well dude, it sounds awesome that you are being the master of your own destiny! I give you high praise. I agree that to become another workaholic is a downward spiral in the end, so why even start off on that path.

It is always good to feel positive, even if it is for an afternoon.

Have a good sober weekend.
spend all your time trying to be happy within.......the external world will impact on it but inside is where it's at....

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