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Expecting The Worst

We live in a time of diminished expectations.

There is so much bad, even evil behavior out there. Perhaps it's understandable that there are so many apologists for the miscreants. I think it's a form of burn-out. People are just too tired to even attempt to be morally indignant... even when they should be.

We only react when we see the very worst in our fellow man. Then, we can say with certainty: "Now, that's bad." Yet, most felons don't start out with a mass-killing spree. They start out small. And we, as a society, give them a pass.

Take the refrigerator at work, for example. Ya ever notice how many Lean Cuisines and Marie Callenders disappear? Someone takes them. That's theft. Will that thief devolve into a knife wielding maniac? Probably not. Yet, is that the kind of person that will see suspicious activity, and sit idly by as their neighbors house gets burglarized? More likely.

This is the rapidly eroding "moral calculus". You shouldn't have left your food in the 'fridge, without your name on it, for so long... And, you know how bad crime in the neighborhood is? Why didn't you install an alarm? Or at least get a dog? That's not my fault. You should expect these things to happen.


And it gets worse. We now have these low expectations on our politicians. Literally, someone has to die before we take exception to their lies. I mean, most times, if they can get away with it, that's just savvy and smart politics, right? We even kind of admire them. "He's sooooo smart, and cool."

Here's a novel idea: Man-up and draw a line in the sand. Next time some scumbag at work steals your (or anyone's) food, say something. Let the weenies whine that you're making a "big deal out of nothing". You have to start somewhere.

And don't expect any kind of compensation for your good behavior. Your only reward is the chance to live in a civil society. It's a slim chance, but it's still there.


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