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Everyone Hates Chris

It's not his fault. None of it.
A lot of folks want to blame Christopher Columbus for every evil action and deed in the Americas since 1492. For you folks, grow up.

First off, bad stuff happens. It just does. It happened in Europe, and it happened in the Americas before and after Chris and his gang landed.
Were things better or worse after all the Europeans started expanding and exploiting? That's a mixed bag. But Columbus simply opened the door.

And if he hadn't, someone else would have. Chris is just remembered as the guy that started the ball rolling. No one hates Leif Ericson, or Gavin Menzies mystery Chinese explorer. But that don't matter none. Haters just gonna hate. Someone. Anyone.

We all know the litany of horrible stuff that went down over the last five centuries. Let me personally apologize for every displaced person and diseased blanket. There were thousands of bad folks making horrible choices in the Americas since 1492. None of them, including Columbus, are around to defend their actions. So, you gotta blame someone. Blame me.

And I say that because I "get" Columbus. I understand what it is like to be driven. To be a risk-taker. Back in the day, I probably would have been a crewman on one of Chris' tiny wooden ships? Why? If I have to explain that to you, you'll never get it.

Maybe we could ditch Columbus (like so many other great historical figures), and have a generic "Explorers' Day". But I doubt that would placate the glass-half-empty historians and social engineers. You see, it's too much work to assign blame where it truly belongs. It's easier to just have a 'guy' that you can point to. Or a group, say white European males, that are to blame for everything. Simple, and simplistic.

Not only do I not hate Christopher Columbus, I celebrate him. If humanity doesn't make it into the 22nd Century, it will be because we have beaten, berated and torched his spirit out of our society. That would not only be sad, but spell the end of Western Civilization as we know it. And, yes, I know some of you are actually rooting for that. For you folks, I hope you are looking forward to a regressive society of 12 year old brides, 14 hour work days and 50 year life expectancies.

For the rest of us, Happy Columbus Day.


If you jump on the band wagon of the I hate Columbus Day, your scope of world history is so narrow, your basically an idiot. Have any of these people read history or just been fed the last bit of progressive cool aid.
I don't hate Columbus Day. I might've for the last 50 years if I were an indigenous.

I can however, see zero reason to celebrate him, just like I don't see a reason to say George Washington never lied, or chant U.S.A. at events.

Basically all the early Spanish 'explorers' I've read about were murderius, lying, pigs, driven by greed and self-aggrandizement.

Cortez was my favorite. I did a report on him when I was ten. Talk about greedy, conniving, lying... To a person of my late to Mid-twentieth century Western Judeo-Christian based raised ten-year-old values he was a monster with zero redeeming qualities. Greed, avarice, and ego, sort of like our President were his motivators. ( I think our presidents a better 'businessman', and he doesn't kill people, that I know of..)

I'm against having illusions about people. I'm against brain washing our youth to believe half-truths and/or lies. I don't think we need to teach them propaganda. People are how they are, and we as adults should accept it. Our history is what it is and all cultures have and may continue to do horrible things.

We seem to be in a time now where seizing territory by force is mostly considered unnecessary. That is a relatively new stance. It's only been about 60- 80 years. Most of the wars are now internal conflicts.

Someone might read this and think I'm on some bandwagon; I'm not. I was against Columbus Day since shortly after I did that report way back when I was ten, and then I went from there and read more on Columbus, and then other explorers of the New World I saw a pattern with all the other Conquistadors ( as the later explorers became known as) ( Columbus is not listed as a conquistador; they came after).

I'm also against Mao Tse Tung day, or Stalin Day, Reds in general, Antifa; Pinochet Day, Franco Day, and turning, as I am seeing it, my country into a third world dump day...

I guess I'm against promoting illusions, historical or otherwise. I do like Santa Claus, though. He can be fun.
Basically all the early Spanish 'explorers' I've read about were murderius, lying, pigs, driven by greed and self-aggrandizement.

Cortez was my favorite...

Kev, just a few sentences in, you're hatin' on Chris for stuff he didn't do!
Columbus may have been a tax cheat, adulterer and environmental criminal. I'll leave that analysis to unemployed grad students. But I do know what he did demonstrated bravery. It showed a man that was driven, and not content with the status quo.
I'm not advocating idol worship. He's just a man. But the ideals HE represented are noteworthy.

As far as everything bad that has that happened 1493 through today? That's a lot to lay on any man's shoulders.
We all have our sins, we own them, and they are uniquely ours. Me, you, Cortez and Columbus.
So regardless of your flaws, when you jump into a rickety ship and find a shortcut to Mars, I'll celebrate you too, Kev.
What didn't he do? He took over the place, at threat of violence, and he used violence to get what he wanted. Basically, he brutalised the local populace as a foreign invader for personal gain.

He became Governor. He and his two brothers, were known then as tyrants and for commiting atrocities. They may not have been as prolific as some, but never the less, he wasn't an ambassador. He didn't just come, plant the flag and say "Hi everybody, it's great to meet you!"
What didn't he do? He took over the place, at threat of violence, and he used violence to get what he wanted. Basically, he brutalised the local populace as a foreign invader for personal gain.

Not really much different than a modern politician / statesman. He used more direct violence than threats, but the same game is played today.
When you think about it, he was a pioneer and role model in that respect as well.

He didn't just come, plant the flag and say "Hi everybody, it's great to meet you!"

They never do.
But hey, at least he didn't sit on his butt in Genoa, collecting unemployment.
As Comrade Stalin said, "To make an omelet, you must crack some eggs".

I'm in a diminishing minority. I'd rater acknowledge the flawed attempts of ambitious men, rather than celebrate the mediocrity of the timid and weak.
My view is that it's all about the big guy crapping on the little guy. Take the little guy's possessions, rape and murder his wife and daughters, spread disease, totally wipe a race out. Why? [why not?] All in the name of progress of course, and because he can.
It's greed, pure and simple.
Only little guys think of the little guy and it's shit. It really is. Okay, so the explorers made some wonderful discoveries and we owe them a great debt for the quality of the lives that we have today but why did they have to kill/wipe out and just grab? The indigenous, someone has mentioned them already, well, those that we allowed to live in order to slave their guts out for a pittance, harvesting the wealth that they were sitting on, to be shipped to the " developed/developing world " . Without so much as a thank-you, kiss my arse or anything, be it tin,copper,timber,rubber whatever, because the explorer didn't like getting his hands dirty.They could have been treated a whole lot better imo. Bananas even. Now there's a hottie.:devilish:

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