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Everybody hurts

Struggling to do anything just now..been hit with a really severe bout of depression and sometimes I feel like just getting away and leaving the mess of my life behind but recent events tell me I can't cope alone and in a strange place anymore. Keep waiting for a better day to arrive but I just can't see it, feel it......as the song goes..every body hurts sometimes..hold on.


I'm sorry, escorial. :(

I hope you can at least find some comfort in the community here. I've been in a funk these last few days, too, but I won't pretend it even comes close to anything truly serious you're going through.
thanks Gyarachu the doctors tried to get me to take ant- depressents but i've had them before and they make me feel like crap an drowsy..finaly left the flat today and thought i'de come on here..it always helps..thanks
My mom drastically improved after she stopped taking anti-depressants. It's not an isolated occurrence. Modern medicine is a good thing, but sometimes it isn't the best option, though that should be decided on an individual by individual basis.
drugs don't work..another song..ha..it's a bit like a lifestyle choice in many ways Gyarachu..I loose a bit of weight hide away and come out in the end..it's my own prison and only me can get out of it...but when it arrives it can last a week,month....
I can not speak with any real authority because I have never been through a time of depression. There have been times when I have been discouraged and down. My simple solution was to find someone that needed help and lend a hand in whatever they needed, you can not think of two things at once and doing something for someone else is both positive and a way to keep from focusing on your own problems.

I am also a Christian and place the problems that I have at the Lords feet, I do everything to the best of my ability and if it does not work out then so be it. Don't get the impression that life as been simple and stress free for me. I have made a million dollars and lost it, working real hard right now at trying to get back on top again. I have stayed up nights worrying about how I was going to make it all work. I have honestly failed more at things than just about anyone I know. My faith keeps things in perspective for me, it lets me try, it lets me fail, it lets me succeed.

I will offer you this, I will keep you in my prayers, if you were closer I would buy you a beer and spend some time shootin shit with ya. I can only offer you what has worked for me..Bob
thanks bob...solid stuff there dude....just had a beer of the cyber bar...heres yours mate:very_drunk:..chhers
All those comments Escorial and i can only see is your's.
I've wanted to just walk away all my life mate but i've got no place to walk to.
Almost ALL of this week i've lie on my bed under an old black snorkel-parka, won't go out unless i have to, just don't want to face the world, i shall have to of course, i'm back to work next week and i'm in need of a haircut.
I need to get my eyes tested and i can't face going.

You're not alone Escorial, good luck with your's, and sorry for hijacking your blog.

Can any of you guys see my post?
Apart from Escorial of course.

On my homepage it says 3 comments, i am able to read 4, Escorial's 3 and my 1.
dither..i get bored of writing about depression but always read other peoples experience to..the way i see it it's best to be honest with yourself then pretend your ok and stuff..in the scope of things my problems are nothing compared to some but life is about you and how your affected by it..now when you say ...i can't face it..i get it...i've read many books on depression and one thing always stick out is how similar the experience is..classic syndrome stuff and that's ok because it is what it is..basically an outlook on life..and your struggle is unique to you alone and therefore even though i can understand the actions i can never truly understand the reasons because there so personal to each and every one. If i went the doctors tomorrow and he said you've got months to live..i would walk out and think what a waste of time spent being depressed..i want to live..but that just me..hang in there man.
my whole life has been a waste, of so much, time,money,air breathed, really, it wasn't worth it, and if when i finally check out, somebody decides that i should come back and do another, shit really WILL hit the fan, man, THAT aint gonna happen.
dither..self worth is so crucial to people I reckon...but it's something you can find..if you had great expectations from life..a fantastic career and people who adored you or a family so loving life.. or all of them put together as one then join the que ,i'm standing behind you in that que..but this is about you and not the rest of the world. It has to be resolved by you and accepting your limitations in life is a fact of life. Today I reply and read your bloggs and at some point may stop but while i did read them i felt i was getting something from it regardless of if i had to reply back. I fed a stray black cat the other week and i took from that a feeling of giving something i had to offer it. Just before christmass i gave a homless guy some money instead of buying a pair of shoe's and it made me feel good regardless of what he did with the money..drugs,food ..i don't know..and it's these little things that give me self worth and maybe you can start of small and build on that..but you must accept your limitations man.
Limitations? What's that?
It's not so much that i feel a failure, i'm just not in the race, i'm not interested,
Hello! I'M a non-starter, it's all been a terrible mistake, get me out of here.
man the cloud getting darker and i'm very lethargic at the moment..i was going through a few things i wrote a while back and just read the downbeat stuff..got to say this is turning into a long one..real tuff time..selfish,pity all that crap filling my head but i can't just sit there an smile and pretend i'm getting better..you see you know deep down that your low and when you do the things that you do when you feel fine its just not the same.
It's like we say about carrying a notebook and pen everywhere, there can be so much going on and yet i see and feel nothing, or if i do get scribbling, i get home and i just can't bothered.
Other times it seems as though i can write loads about nothing in particular.:dejection:
Life eh?
well dither just enjoy the productive times and somehow try and make them last longer than they normally do.

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