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Every day I'm shufflin'

So, my card game can now do the following:
  • make a new deck (which is really a double deck)
  • shuffle that double deck
  • show the deck (shuffled or un)
  • display a card (I was gonna say "draw" but that's not what people would think I meant)
  • display a place where there would be a card if there were one
  • display a face-down card
This sounds really simple, but I discovered that C++ allows programmers to make many and creative errors--everything from mistyping to miscounting to things that are not easily described in plain (or even colo(u)rful) English.

In arranging/composition, I'm analyzing lyrics. What this entails is looking at a set or prospective lyrics and trying variations of where to put the emphasis. Should I emphasize the pronouns, the verbs, the adjectives, or a participle phrase? And should it be the same in the next sentence?

I truly love you.
I truly love you.
I truly love you.
I truly love you.
I truly love you.
I truly love you.

Like that, only with longer (and more complicated) sets of words. In fact, I'm slacking now, though I do have over two hours of legit programming this morning and it's only half-past noon now. On a Saturday. When I slept in. (I even did some mild critique on a couple of Poetry pieces.)

Today is grocery-shopping-for-a-week day. Which means I've already planned my menu and made my list. The double-checking will happen, but hasn't yet. Of course, cooking always happens and the other regular life-things.


i've been shufflin for most of my life.
Metaphorically speaking of course.
Cool about you card game!! I coded a poker game and a memory match game in my programming classes. We used a separate class for the cards to store numeric values, suits, or pictures and then called it from a main method and stuff.

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