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it's the only thing that helps me try to configure all things in my life...stopped reading books on philosophy because it just seems like a play on defining words as opposed to actual human events...happy,sad it's all relative to me and looking about the world and comparing my assumptions with the life lead by a fleeting glimpse of a person i know nothing about really frustrates me..i'm a loner and it makes for good watching...not sunsets or nature but human interaction wanted and unwanted...i wonder about people and they never stop suprizing me but ultimitley i'm only concerned of me today and tomorrow and how i try to put into life things that make me happy..i know other people could make me happier but my goal is to wake up and be content with what life throws at me........


i would like second shot a life.....i've always been it's to late or times running out mind set...odd thing is i never feel older than my age and will try many things i think are beyond my years..i don't want to get old but i know you cant take it for granted you will....all in all i'm not very venturess but one thing i like to do is see all the different bits going on around me...must be great on top of a skyscraper in new york but i was looking at a flat the other day on the top floor and looking out the window i thought i've lived here years over time and never seen the place from this perspective...
i can remember a time when i would have never looked at a book about the meaning of life and be more concerned by what i need to buy to make me happy or the people around me..a time when the days thoughts must have been so timid and whispy that the serious stuff only came along once in a while...lookin for this deeper meaning to life has been a waste of time for me..infact i think i've wasted far to much energy in trying to figure things out and not enjoying the moment,day,week,year.....i can't see an end to this thinking but i never seen the begining coming either..so maybe it will all pass
I wonder...

If we don't so as much as we can to achieve our desires in this life, are we doomed to repeat the same in the next?

I guess it's a tough call between changing yourself to live the life you want, versus causing yourself more pain by trying to be something you just aren't naturally. Hope you find your groove, esco.
The universe does not owe you meaning. It does not owe you a purpose. You owe those things to yourself.

I think sometimes a lot of people overlook the simple answer. Perhaps not everybody has a purpose or meaning greater than the fact that you are alive to contemplate those things. And maybe that's because not everybody could. The only reason this might disappoint somebody, is because they felt that they were owed something greater than the gift of life, the gift (note: not payment, the universe didn't owe you an existence) of writing your own story, taking part in the stories of others, and passing that gift on if you so choose.

There very well could be things greater than life. I'd say that I would rather live a life through free-will, but I'm only saying that because I'm fortunate enough to know what free-will means.

I think sometimes people look for meaning in between the lines, when they should be using the lines to connect the dots in hind-sight.

Just food for thought.
thanks kaminshiyo....I never wanted to change my life and to a large extent it's been changed by other people..were all complicated people and facing the journey we all travel is something that defines us all....we all feel that only we understand the time we live in and the decisions made are not always by choice but can be forced on us by external factors....I see myself one way and I don't think others do but one thing will never change and that is all I can do is be honest with myself ....

smith your right man this uni don't owe us jack and life is a rollercoaster.....I think being free is one of the biggest delusions humans try to achieve....but man I have the will to be free..cool man
Today I read in the Liverpool echo an art student took his own life in the park and the body of a homeless man found in the canal..And a lad on a bike died after being hit by a train...How many lives will be changed by these three tragic deaths..just browsing local events and news and so often one is shocked...

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