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Elvis was Right

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I had wanted to be the wolf;
elusive, wily and mysterious;
with an edge of danger about me—
howling at midnight moons.

But I’ve come to accept my true nature;
jealous, suspicious and tenacious;
with a nose for sniffing out vermin—
prone to sounding off
and always on the trail.


Got a kick out of this. Your dog is an excellant poet with one hell of a sense of humor---

my warmest
Thanks bob. :) Isn't he adorable? His name is Guinness and he's a hoot and all of those things in his poem. He is actually my son's dog. At the time of that picture my son had three hounds and I lived with them for a year and a half, in his home. Two Walker Hounds and one Blue Tick Hound. Let's just say that I came to be very familiar with the nature of Hounds. :)
I've never had an experience with hound dogs, but the family 2 yr old beagle must. snuffle. everywhere. It doesn't help that he's a doorknob, as well.

Good luck with the pooches.

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