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Eight in the morning and...

I'm on the sauce already.:very_drunk:

Sad bstd eh? No not at all. It's not as bad as it seems. I DO enjoy a few slurps at this time of the week that's though. After succumbing to the effects mental and physical fatigue and cheap booze on a Saturday afternoon, i find that it clears my head. So cool and refreshing.


My favorite drink is cool, home-made ice tea. It's best with real lemons in it, but for some reason, almost all the lemons I buy taste so bitter or bad-sour that I don't bother with it anymore...

You remind of my father a bit, though. When I was a kid he used to pour alcohol into his Kool-aid, lmao. Imagine that :)
Kool aid Lol!

I can dig that.:cheers:

Maybe the lemons could use a little help, a spoonful of honey goes great with those guys.
Uuuuugh. Honey in kool-aid???

You, sir, need help, lol.

I could try it in my tea, though... :-k I've heard other people say ginger also. Might try that today...
Jesus! Kaminoshiyo,
Honey in Kool aid? Sacrilege.
I meant with your iced tea.

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