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Egyptian Oblivion

Egyptian Oblivion
As the snake bites with poison of intents,
You cower at the site of blood so red.
The heat of the summer sun heats and boils
Your lifeless veins and makes you rot to death.
As Ra sees your lifeless body on his steps
He takes you back inside to bring you to darkness
And see the brightest light of Heaven’s beauty
Send you down as a falcon to fend off foes.
So you seek the vengeance of your desert death
To kill Apophis the snake who sent you to your doom
Yet when you found him, you were overwhelmed
Of his beauty that you forget your vengeance of him
You no longer in control of your senses
From head to toe, you roll over to beg for mercy
As his servants takes away your hard armor
And again you were killed without consideration
Hathor cries for your holy compliments
As she mourns for your death as she broke bread
Seth came down to give you lessons of Toils
Ra comes down to see you as Apophis
For your body has been stolen for his avatar
You feel filthy when you have your nightmares
As Apophis wreaks havoc on his slaves
As you see him you use your skin, you die again
As you feel your soul eaten by the crocodile
And disappear into the darkness of oblivion.​


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