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Egg Cafe Poetry night

I've picked out my poem , Working Class Aristocrat..as the one I will read out tomorrow night!...well get there for seven thirty and put my name down, but if I get the chance I will. It's on the top floor of a three story victorian building and it sells only vegetarian food. I hope my face doesn't go red and my voice squeks to a high pitch before I finish..ha


That's awesome escorial! I'm sure you'll do great, and I've read that poem of yours--it's definitely a good one. Good luck to you!
thanx Gyarachu.....what should i wear..casual..ha,ha...or walk in dressed like Oscar Wilde...ha
well I'm at the poetry night, put me name down..i'm bright red..hot an dreading it..doh!
Well it was one of the hardest thing I've done..my nerves really kicked in and i don't know if i enjoyed it or not....it went okay i guess pigletinportugal..cheers.
They didn't trow things at you, boo you off the stage or give you the hook, so I guess it went alright. You got to do it again. How many people in the audience? I once performed in front of 400. When the bell rang they disappeared into a blur.
400 Kevin..impressive....about 30 people. some guitar, saxaphone an two eukolalee players with a bit of poetry..roll on next month..ha..cheers dude.
for some reason I think 30 might be more frightening...more intimate.
Back in the Egg Cafe..nice bowl of tomatoe and fennel soup....me third bowl in a week...this place is growing on me..very rustic and untidy but in a clean way...art for sale on the walls..very studenty based and a nice relaxed atmosphere...wifi is excellent to....you can bring your own alchol on the poetry nights and stuff..yeah one place that I can see me visiting quite alot.
I wouldn't mind having somewhere to hang out. Trouble is, there's a bridge that i just can't cross.
Yes there are times when i crave company, well, conversation really, but there's this need within me, to maintain a comfortable distance, i just can't do close up.
It's a difficult one to address.

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