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Education...... Can you handle it?

I really wish I wouldn't DO this. Walking out, in the fresh air, on a fine sunny day, should carry a government health warning. No sooner had I left the house this morning and my mind started whirring and I was set to thinking. Thinking about my recent thread in that's life. ARGH!!!!! Why do I DO this?

Thinking, as I walked, about the smart-arsed young woman who assailed me yesterday with the "run boy run" outburst, and who may or may not have the mental age of twelve and the IQ of a pea. It occurred to me that others in my position might have indulged her with with a witty reposte. Does the problem, or the problem as I see it, in fact lie with ME? And if so, what does that say about........ me?

My comments about the stupid being cocksure etc.

I DO believe that knowledge really IS a double edged sword in so far as the more you know, the aware you become of how much you DON'T know. It can motivate the person with an inquiring mind to learn more. It will leave others crushed with feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. But how can we judge? Who is to judge ? And who, ultimately decides ? Can YOU handle it? Maybe I'm just to sensitive. She probably didn't mean anything by so why couldn't I just let it go? I think too much.

Then there's the weight of expectations, of parents family etc. Those who, in their infinite wisdom that a young person at such a young age, CAN..... handle it. We all know how harmful that can be. Failure and disappointment just waiting to happen.

And then I got around to thinking about myself and where I fit into all of this. I do credit myself with average intelligence, no more, and yet here I am, living on a sink estate, cheek by jowell, with likes that young woman . I'd like to blame the O.C.D. that I may or may not have, and the spectrum that I may or may not be on.

I am, I suppose, in my own way, as challenged, disadvantaged, call it what you will, as she is. We're just damaged goods. Well, not so much damaged as lacking those vital components, something in our make-up that prevents us from taking that step up, for want of a better way of putting it.

Oh dear, what a jumbled mess, enough said I think.......... I have to live with this shit.

Life eh?


I'm a bit off-topic here but that reminded me of when I was ten-twelve years old. My little friend and I loved nothing more than following a "big kid" (teenager) home and bothering him, like mimicking his walk in an exaggerated way or whatever (though we weren't brave enough to do it to adults). So as a former torturer, I think you did well to play it cool and not give them a reaction. They were probably showing off to each other and do it every chance they get. They may have also been trying to flirt with you/get male attention, in a stupid way. :)
They were not twelve year-olds but then, some people just don't grow up, I guess. As for the attention seeking/flirting/want to know you thing, I'm just a couple of years short of seventy. And, since the adolescent mind is nothing if not unpredictable,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ma'am, I've been walking away from people all my life when what I really wanted to do was reconfigure their faces. All that is left is a shed load of bitterness and resentment and I'm sick of it.
The latest polls show that 42% of the population is comprised of wankers, and unless you're wealthy and can live in an exclusive neighborhood, devoid of wankers, you're inevitably going to have to deal with them. That's a fact of life.

I've thought about getting a t-shirt that reads: LEAVE ME THE [email protected]#$% ALONE, but have yet to make the purchase. Those are available on Amazon, so obviously, people are buying them and presumably wearing them, but they're probably kids. What would be the consequences of wearing a shirt like that around the neighborhood? People would probably gossip about me behind my back and give me unmistakably conspicuous dirty looks when I walk by. But they do that anyway. :)
not so very long ago I was walking along a street on my estate when a chap yelled "good morning" from across the road. I ignored him and kept walking. Mutterings between him and his partner ensued. Bottom line: He wasn't happy about being ignored. I had absolutely no desire to make his acquaintance. I don't very often bristle with anger, that's not me, but I was seething. Screw him, screw THEM. Could done with that t-shirt.

Why do people DO that?

I resent being made to feel like some kind of weirdo.
Okay! So maybe I AM a weirdo, that's MY business.

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