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Editing (I'm awful at it)

So tonight, I have to run a program for my building (for some context, I am a Resident Advisor at my school. I hate it but it pays the tab I keep running up at the local bookstore.) Anyway, the program itself is about editing, and I, the English wiz that people believe I am, have volunteered myself for an hour to look at resident's papers and edit them. Only problem is, I am easily one of the worst editors I know.

Remember back to my post just before this one, where I was angry about someone editing my work without asking me and changing a bit of the tone and such? Yeah, well that's something that I do, I know I do it, but I hardly can stop myself when I do. If you give me a paper, whether it's some academic BS or a poem, I will go about trying to insert my voice into it somewhere just because I get caught up in what I am reading and see ways that I would write it differently. Essentially, I'm a god awful editor who gives more of a shit that something sounds eloquent than if it's grammatically correct.

Luckily for me, none of the residents probably will be asking me to edit something desperately close to their hearts (this is assuming anyone even comes, nine times out of ten only my friends show up to talk to me). I will instead probably be adding a bit of La voix d'Eric to quite a few academic pieces that will never actually be re-read by the authors --thank god.

Anyway, I hope this serves as a bit of an apology as well to anyone on here who wants advice or editing, and I screw that up. I am a terrible editor and my opinion is always jaded (which should be a given, it is my opinion after all). Wish me luck none-the-less!



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