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Echo Chamber

First, get your news and information from multiple sources. With different ideological slants. None of them will be correct, but they paint a more accurate picture than 1 or 2 alone would.

I think we can all agree that we hate scumbags that prey on women? Agreement, no? Then why in the hell do I have to choke back vomit every time I turn on the news? I was working out yesterday, and flipped between the news channels. Both were talking about Roy Moore and Al Franken. The difference as Fox News brought up Bill and his enabler Hillary, while MSNBC harped on Trump's crotch grabbing comments. Their crass, grossly partisan finger pointing made me wanna reach through the screen, snap those fingers off and jam them where the sun doesn't shine.

Any sane, reasoned person could see the real pattern and problem here. Powerful men think that they can get away with abusing women We need to address that. End it.

What we don't need is some childish "one upsmanship". Equivocation. This isn't some ridiculous high school game where the score is 16 to 14, Democrats over Republicans. Nor is it some game of moral relativism. "They all do it", and "Boys will be boys" is dead. Bury that stinking, rotting corpse of an excuse. If I hear, one more time, "...well, but what so-and-so did was worse...", I'm throwing my curl weights through the screen.

We can agree on many things. MANY things. But we will never come together as long as we maintain this tribal mindset. We are not hunter-gatherers sitting around a fire, shivering and hoping the Evil Sprits spare us tonight. WE are in control. WE don't have to put-up with this crap.
Don't let them keep scaring you with fictitious boogeymen. You don't need to elect morally reprehensible human debris to be safe.

Step out of your echo chamber and take a deep breath. Look around. And instead of extending a finger in accusation, extend the whole hand in friendship. You'd be surprised who might clasp it and smile.
Then, and only then, can we deal with this moral cancer eating us from within.


That’s their job. They can’t hide it so they turn it into a circus and wait till you get so bored or exasperated that you don’t want to hear anymore. They change subject, everyone forgets, than it’s back to basics.

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