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Eating cheaply,a nutritious snack,and a pet hate:

"Write garbage,write badly, but write". Was one forumite's answer to the term "writer's block"." WB is just an excuse." He opined. What the hell? "I can do that". I replied.

Going back to when i was single, living in a small flat, when it came to feeding myself, i was always a big fan of the great British spud. Roasted jacket-spuds, to be exact.
Easy,filling,nutritious,versatile,cheap, the list is endless.
Well now, in my 60s and my appreciation for them is still as strong, and i eat with them almost every day. It is said that jacket-spuds make better mash for obvious reasons.
Boiled spuds are, by definition, wet. If/when forgotten about whilst cooking you can end up with a soggy mush. Not so with jackets. A few accidental extra minutes or ten won't hurt.
So, i provide myself with a good helping of the fluffiest mash, and a empty jackets. Y'know? It pains me, it really does, to think.
Of my mother,when i was a kid, and countless other mothers, thousands, TENS of thousands, probably, standing at the kitchen sink, peeling spuds.:rolleyes:

Cut a jacket spud in half,scrape out the middle, then put a piece of good strong mature cheddar between the two empty halves, then flatten with the palm of your hand, and you have the tastiest snack ever. Doesn't have to be cheese of course. ( same applies to the mash )And that feeling, of a gap filled will last for some time. Keeps me going until my proper meal-time.
Same obviously goes for the mash.

And for my packed lunch, at work;
I have a plastic lunch-box with sealable lid.
I put in a layer of finely diced pickled beetroot,
topped with a thin layer of Mclelland seriously strong cheddar.
Then i add whatever i fancy,
Then top that with cold mashed potato.
I used a lot of spuds.

Haven't eaten bread for over a year now, i used to be a coeliac.
But that's another story.

To think, of all the good food that has been thrown away over the years.

Oh dear.

So come on you housewives, think on eh? Next time your peeling spuds.[-X

This not something to be edited or subjected to countless drafts, it's just me, dither, writing garbage, writing badly even, but writing.:tickled_pink:

Have a nice day y'all.


I might not be the most cheerful fellow that you ever knew, but i seem to be turning a corner.
Not sure that this is causing me to blog, or whether the blogging is bringing about this sudden upswing.

But it's only blogging, absolute piffle, not to be taken seriously and we shall see.:-|


The fickle hand of fortune;
Life presents you with a challenge. You find a way around an obstacle. The wall begins to crumble. Then before you know it, the wall has somehow regrouped, found new strength, and looking as formidable as ever.

A timely piece to read before lunch... I think I know what I'll be having. You have saved more potato skins from the bin today dither, I was having mash!
Well look Gargh,
have your mash from the jackets.
Tell you what,TRY what i said.
Give your empty jackets the very lightest touch of butter while they are still warm,
SAVE them for later.
I like mine moist and quite leathery.
Flatten, and use them as you would small pieces of bread.
Put a bit of something inside them,
cheese/ham whatever.
Or eat them just as they are.
Four jackets used/eaten like that,
you might be surprised just how filling they are.

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