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Durdle Door Mourning

Rome... Venice... they're some of the top of the places to visit before I kick the bucket and start munching daisies from the ground up. But Durdle Door in the UK, and I'm blaming Ollie Taylor for this because it's his photography that really caught my eye, has to be the top of the list. I have an oil painting of one similar to this above my fireplace, and the kids love how it looks like a dinosaur is taking a drink from the water. It's a good few hours' drive from where we live, but... *sighs* one day... one goddamn day....

Ollie Taylor Photography

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Oh my God, that is beautiful! F Venice, this is it! Where is it actually? I would love to visit it!
Spent many happy holidays (and numerous Geography field trips) at Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove nearby and not once - not once! - did I make the dinosaur connection. It's all the more pertinent for being in an area known as the Jurassic Coast. The area is really lovely but there is definitely some filtration going on in that photo; the eclipsey thing alone would be impossible unless we've acquired another sun from somewhere, so I suspect that is an O for the photographer's name. Schrody, it's near Weymouth, in Dorset, UK.

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