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Dropped Out of Site

So I've been MIA for a while, my puppy hasn't been well, she has advanced cardiac disease and I've been nursing her and have been preoccupied, she's better now on a new medication. I also was scheduled for cataract surgery (which I postponed to January because of all the things going on with my puppy) and and emotional roller coaster I have been on. Not a good time to deal with eye surgery, and all that goes with it for me, which is the handicap of not being able to see well or being able to drive safely because of poor vision with one eye cockeyed from the other corrective lens wise. I'll be lop-sided. Anyway, all that is happening on January 7 now and my friend, whom I will depend on to help with errands and rides, will be back from her house-pet sitting gigs from the holidays and will be able to help out and my puppy will hopefully be stronger from being on this new medication for a while and have gotten her "wind" back for a reprieve in her health for a while. I've bought her a little more quality time to enjoy life with the new med's. They are expensive, but what are you going to do? I'll do it as long as I can. She still wags her tail, wants to go out and roll in the grass like a circus tumbler and she's a sweet little companion who looks forward to each day, so she should be able to enjoy that day as long as it's a good one. Anyway, enough of that. For whatever reason, I haven't been inspired much, or had much inclination to focus on my writing activities.

Well, I have also been baking up a storm, made about 15 dozen or more Christmas cookies for the First Responders in our community through the Temple for Christmas Day where we package them up and deliver them to the on-duty firemen and policemen stations in Jacksonville. We do this every year and the Sisterhood bakes thousands of cookies for the project. Needless to say, the guys are very grateful and happy to receive our gift of gratitude. It's a small but nice thing to do. We deliver approximately 68 packages to First Responders and Meals on Wheels (we provide a holiday dinner for people who can't cook for themselves elderly and sick folks).

So, there you go, that's my update as to where I have been and what I've been up to in the past weeks of being MIA on the boards. Happy Holidays everyone. It's Christmas, Hannukah, Boxing Day, and Kwanzaa this week Wow!


Well, I have also been baking up a storm, made about 15 dozen or more Christmas cookies for the First Responders in our community...

That is so cool. And the Meals on Wheels, too. With all your personal stuff going on, you make the time for that. You rock!

Happy Festivus.

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