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I'm coming home from my job, holding a twelve pack of soda and walking down a lonely dirt road. I see our house and realize my vision is blurry. I hurry to the house and drop off the soda, running back to find my glasses on the ground. I see the necklace my sister gave to me and pick it up. My vision improves. I run away from the road, not wanting to get run over. Out of the corner of my eye I see someone's high beams silent and still out on the road, right below a crumpled body. My foster sisters scream and I stop, i watch them run down as the car suddenly backs up and drives away. I dial the number required for an ambulance and we pull the semi alive woman into the house, resting her in the entrance next to the door. My sisters ask me to watch over her but i am too tired. I leave and enter a dark room and climb up on the bunk bed, feeling secure and hidden up high. I hear whispers that my sisters saw the man who stabbed that woman. I fear he'll try to break in. I feel bad about the woman laying in the entrance to the house. I think about helping her downstairs onto one of the guest beds/cots but I hadn't gotten permission. Even putting her on one of the couches I worry my foster mom will be mad about the blood. I try to sleep but feel shadows moving behind my eyelids. I open my eyes and I see dark figures pressed up against the window. I call out for help. One of my foster sisters shines her light at the window. There is no one. She leaves and the shadows return. I imagine there is a force around the house, a boundry that cannot be crossed. I lift my hand and push out, expanding the boundry. The shadows struggle against it, fighting to get closer. One of my foster sisters enter the room, wearing my number blanket and crawls into the bed below. I tell her not to lose it that blanket and it is one of my last possessions. I roll over feeling secure that if the house gets broken into she'll be the first to be stabbed.


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