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Dreams of the shadow lord.

Across decades, centuries, millennia our love reaches back to that fateful day. You remember it almost as well as I, don't you? I stared across the filled ballroom, bored to tears, as you entered. Your dark hair obscuring half your face, one twinkling blue eye arrested my attention. Holding me in place as you crossed the room. Breathing became harder as you neared but still I didn't look away, you were powerful and magnificently proud as you stalked you way over to the President's daughter.

We danced that night, remember? You twirled me around and around until everything else blurred into the background. until it was just you and me. Together and laughing. I smile even now as I hear the deep tones of your laugh, can still feel you body pressed warmly against mine. I can still smell your honeysuckle scent on the air. I still hold dear the words you whispered to me that night. So many years have passed since then, so much has happened to us both, but I regret nothing.

I love you still, my love, my demon of shadows.

The sun shining high in the sky, as I meandered through the estate's gardens. Each plant in full bloom, filling the air with their intoxicating scents. Spicy then sweet as the wind shifted. Each velvet petal I stroked, caressed my fingers, until they were sticky with pollen. Humming, I rounded the corner and crossed from soft cool grass, to sun heated stone of a courtyard. My bare feet complained at first but soon grew accustomed, as I crossed into the slightly cooler maze of walls. Each step walked me closer to the royal apartments of Lisabeth Palace.

I was supposed to be learning world history, but the warm weather had been too tempting and I'd bunked off. Father would be disappointed, Mother wouldn't care, if she even noticed. Left then right, then right and finally another left took me into a hidden space. There in the centre stood a fountain, gleaming in the sunshine. As cool water flowed from the women's hands, to pool in the deep wide basin. Perfect for cooling off. Smiling I pulled my dress by the skirt over my head, placed it on the stone bench and dived into the blissfully cool water.

My hair was still dripping wet when I heard voices. Shocked I looked for a place to hide and noticed the vines that ran along the wall to my left. Darting behind them and muttering a cloaking spell, I waited for them to arrive.

"You know why I've brought you here, don't you." Father's voice?

"I do." Came a deep voice, that sent shivers chasing across my skin, raising goosebumps.

"You'll train her, everything you know." Father's voice echoed of the cold marble walls.

"Yes, my Lord, with everything I have." The deep voice answered and I was sure I recognised it from somewhere. But without being able to see them, I couldn't place it. 'Who were they discussing? I wondered, as i held steady for a couple of seconds. They were already drifting away, from the sound of the steps. Pushing out through the hanging vines and smiling as warm sunshine hit my face. I paused in the courtyard, just enjoying the simple pleasure. Taking a deep breath I ran, not looking through the entry arch. Something caught my toe and suddenly I was tipping forward, falling. Squeezing my eyes closed tighter and flinging my hands out before me, I expected to hit stone as my fall abruptly stooped, knocking the air from my lungs. Blinking my eyes open, I shrunk back into the warm, strong arms that held me.

Ice blue eyes held me trapped.


Metal on metal. Swords clashed around me and blood pooled beneath my feet. Father's back was before me and I cringed, wondering where you were. You'd sworn to protect me. Always. But you weren't there. Father was drawing ahead, the gap between us opening, wider, wider still as the enemy stepped between us. I screamed as he raised his sword above my head. Eyes shutting as it began to fall.


Eyes flying open I watched, a familiar sword cross before me, blocking the killing blow. You! You saved me. Smiling I step into the shadow of your body as it ripples with magic. I feel your familiar current, as you spin me away and behind. Blocking me from harm, with your powerful body, as you dealt another powerful blow. Then we were moving, you pulling my arm as I stumbled over bodies, my white shoes tinted red. Tears stung my eyes but I willed them back. Trying to be strong, like you.

Your warm hand tightened slightly, as you react to my emotions-like always-your thumb rubbing comforting circles on my skin.

"I've got you." Your deep voice shivered through me, as your sword thrusts to the left. Felling another soul. So much death and destruction, I see and for what? I heard the beat of powerful wings, moments before my feet left the ground. I watched in horror as you spun, too late, your hand flying towards me. As I move higher, stretching mine for you to grab. My scream ripped out of my chest, in terror.

Save me! My eyes plead before clouds obscure my view.


Exciting, I found myself reading the last 3
paragraphs faster and faster and the mysterious
aerial kidnapping was a nice turn.
TuesdayEve;bt11889 said:
Exciting, I found myself reading the last 3
paragraphs faster and faster and the mysterious
aerial kidnapping was a nice turn.

I'm glad you liked them Tuesday, these will be the opening dreams to each chapter of my new book that I am going to be writing. Yeah the aerial kidnapping swept me up as I wrote it. :)

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