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Dream World Chapter 7

Dream World © 2017
Chapter 7
New Friends


The lava filled up faster than I expected, but it was also working in my favor. Once again, the plane floated on the lava like a ship and rose up the tunnel while grinding against the ceiling. Up, up and away it went, until we came to the opening. The ceiling began to crack as the plane was pushed harder and harder up against the ceiling from the rising lava. The ceiling refused to give in and soon, lava began to cover the plane. I thought for sure the window was going to melt right off, but instead, nothing happened.

Instead, like a ping pong ball under water, the plane shot through the ceiling and up into the air. Luckily, when the plane came back down, it splashed on the lava and floated away till it hit the ground. The ground quickly slowed down the planes momentum and stopped halfway out of the lava pool.

Somehow, we managed to get super lucky, but in order to make sure that luck wasn't wasted, I had to change the flow of the lava.

After leaving the plane, I immediately started pushing boulders into the lava and at first it had little affect, but as I put more and more on the flow, it began to change it's course. In order to make sure the plane was protected, I slaved away for a few days, until there was a full wall diverting the flow of the lava.

During my efforts to change the flow, Zidus came back from the brink of death, but now he was in even worse shape than before. But, now that I had finished protecting my plane, I figured I should leave and tell the song village the bad news that all the metal in the city was now swallowed up by a super volcano. Which meant, there was no longer any metal to salvage. But, than I had a brilliant thought, what if we used the water carts from the fallen villages. I know all the locations, so now all I had to do was go collect them. Best part about this whole thing, I can grab them on the way to the village.


So, this was my life now, to sit here inside this purple room for the rest of my life. I guess since I got to complete my last goal, I needed knew ones.

I already had a thought on what I wanted to make my new goal. Since, there wasn't anywhere I wanted to see anymore, I figured I would work to become a story teller like Leon. I'm not exactly sure how to get there yet, but I figured Leon can show me the way when he comes back.


The song village managed to get things running again, but they also had to let some fields die since they didn't have the manpower to maintain them. The blood that covered the village had already started to fade away and smiles began to reappear.

As I dropped water carts off in different parts of the village, I thought about the active volcano's that surrounded the area. It was better not to tell them that one day when they erupt, nothing will be left alive, everyone who is here struggling to survive, won't stand a chance. Just like when the Mount Vesuvius covered the city of Pompeii in ashes, suffocating the citizens and mummifying them where they laid.

The story of me going to dead villages wasn't exactly a thrilling story, it was more like a sad one. I didn't spend to much time and gathered any cart still in good condition and moved on to the next village and continued till I made it back to the song village.

Setting up water cart shelters throughout the village took no time at all and when I was finished, it was finally time to go see the other village. No one wanted me to go, especially since they haven't had a chance to repay me, but as long as humanity survives, than I won't have to be alone.

Yes, everything I have done for everyone in this dying world, has been for selfish reasons. I use to be a loner, always went places and did everything by myself. But, ever since I came to the future and thought I was all alone, I wished more than anything to talk to someone again. I didn't feel that way at first, but after a year, the urge began and after two, I was desperate for society. I met my first village on the third year after going through so many dead villages. After twenty years I had discovered the last village that I knew about. It seemed that every time I thought I had discovered the last village, I end up finding a new one. This latest one was the other village that was still alive, but it was so different than other villages in so many ways. As I headed towards this village, I hoped that I would get to see more of it, but it was unlikely, since they didn't let outsiders in.

What made this village the most unique and different from the other villages, was that it was actually located deep in one of the cracks of the frozen wall. I found it by pure luck when I was obsessed with exploring the ice chasms. I had made a landmark using an object that I found in an ancient battleship that was now a brittle piece of junk in the desert. So, as I walked against the ice wall, I looked for a broken cannon on the ground.

After two hours, I made it to the broken canon, half an hour later, I was standing in front of the massive solid metal gate. Hidden in the ice, the rest of the village laid, the only village that I have seen inside the ice. Every other village has been out in the desert wasteland and mostly made of clay. The reason why I've never seen the inside of the village, is because it never lets outsiders inside.

In front of the gate, I knocked on a small door on the side. It was built like a vault door and rang like a bell. Soon, the door open and a young thin man in a lab coat peaked outside. I've always talked to an old man with a big white beard, so I was caught off guard when someone else appeared.

“You must be the traveler Leon,” “Yeah, but what happened to Albert?” “Albert has passed away, my name is Kyle, I run this place now. So, how can I help you?” “I am actually hear to tell your village about the state of affairs of the current world”. Kyle opened the door wider and said, “How about you come inside and tell me about it.” “Wait, what about no outsiders being allowed in?” He smiled and simply replied, “New management, new rules.” and so I followed him inside.

3 Years Later

Leon never returned and in my isolation, two things happened. First, I craved social interaction. I wanted to talk to someone as much as I use to want to get to the top of the statue. Because of the need for social interaction, the second thing happened, I created a world in my head filled with friends.

There names were Joshera, Chase, and Rexon. We had gone on so many adventures into the city and battled all kinds of creatures. The battle against the mutant city people was definitely one of my craziest adventures. They would appear out of the walls and we had to defend ourselves with what ever we could find. Rexon was a slim guy, but a really good fighter with a metal rod that he picked up. As for Joshera, he was very well built and didn't need a weapon, he could take anything down with just his fist, but he was also very gentle and very caring. Than there was Chase, he was the smart one, very tall, and looked like a he never ate, but when we needed to figure out how to get past an obstacle, he was the man for the job. Lastly, there was me, I was the leader and together we made a great team.

Today we decided to take a break from exploring and instead jump in the red river. The city seemed to always be extremely hot, but going into the river, made it feel like we had left that world behind. I looked around, but I couldn't see Rexon anywhere and so I yelled, “Rexon, don't you dare try anything!” Rexon was always trying to prank us, but I wasn't going to fall for it this time. I looked under the water and saw nothing, so I came back up just in time to see Rex falling from the sky and smashing into the water in front of me. A wave came flying at me splashing me in the face and when he came back up he said while laughing, “You should had seen your face, it was hilarious.” I splashed him back, “You realize, this means war.” Joshera came over, “You know, sometimes forgiveness is the best option.” A boulder came falling from the sky and created a wave that got all three of us. We all looked up to see Chase laughing at us next to the device he used to launch the boulder at us. Joshera wiped his face off and said, “But, forgiveness has no place for friends, only revenge will do.” Quickly I yelled, “Let's get him!” And we all took off after him.

When we were done having fun in the red river, I decided to return to reality. It was time to see how I would feel after leaving the purple room. Like always, I would immediately head for the bathroom where I went through hell. From there I would walk around and see how my body would hold up. I've gotten better over the years, but no matter what, I would always feel deathly ill after a while. And so, I have come to the conclusion that I was doomed to live the rest of my life in this plane. But that was alright, because I had my friends and at least these ones wouldn't die or disappear on me.

I returned to my friends and apparently while I was gone, they somehow got into trouble. People made from rocks had captured them after they stumbled in on their territory. So as I hid in one of the buildings, I thought to myself, “What would Chase do?” But, I wasn't Chase, so I did what I would do.

I ran in like a mad man and threw a large rock into the cage they were being held in. The cage broke and Rexon picked up a rod from the broken cage, lifted it up, ready to fight. Joshera flew out of the broken part like a boulder, breaking the cage even more. As for Chase, he kinda just casually strolled out and said, “Nice of you to join us.”

We didn't have time to catch up, the rock people began to charge,so Rexon charged back while screaming his lungs off. Joshera stayed back, waiting for them to come to him, while Chase took safety behind him. I couldn't allow Rexon to out shine me, so I picked another direction and charged while screaming too.

My first move was quite a bad one, because I tried to punch a rock. Needless to say, it hurt like hell and when it's stone fist connected to my face, it wasn't exactly soft. The punch sent me flying back into the outside of the cage. Normally, I should have fell because of the gravity, but in this world I was God and gravity had no power over me. Floating in the air, I picked up the cage like it was a pebble and sent it flying at a crowd of attackers. Chase called out to me, “Got bored of not using our powers already?” I slowly descended back to the ground and said, “What can I say, being normal is so boring.” Chase raised his hands while all the rocks around him began to raise and spiral extremely fast while saying, “True, so we should make things a little more interesting.”

Everyone started using their powers, Chase sent rocks flying like a thing called a bullet that Leon once told me about, Joshera moved the ground and made a solid wall that he used to squish the enemy in front of him. And Rexon turned his small stick into a massive pillar that took out a large amount of people. If I didn't hurry, I was going to be left with no one to beat. Luckily, it looked like the enemy was receiving reinforcements, because down the road an army of stone warriors marched toward us.

Leaping into the air I flew over everybody and landed at the base of a building. Quickly, I dug my hands underneath the structure and with one big pull, I sent it tipping over, smashing into other building.

The buildings collapsed and showered the enemy in debris. Everybody had finished up on their end and when Rexon got over he said, “You just had to show off didn't you?” “Just a little bit.”

All of a sudden, the world changed on me. I was back in my village and the mad storm was coming towards me. I had to warn everybody, so I ran, but I couldn't outrun the storm and it swallowed me up. The world turned to fire and I could feel it tearing into my skin and all I wanted to do was scream. The flames disappeared and I was in the purple room all alone. My eyes flew open as I screamed my lungs off, I had fallen asleep and relived my nightmares just to wake up and return to my living nightmare.

There was still no sign of Leon. I left the room, hit the bathroom real quick and than played around with the food maker thing. I wasn't really sure what to call it, but it was really easy to use. Out of all the food that Leon showed me, burgers were definitely my favorite. It was just sad that I had to limit myself to only one burger, because any more would make me really sick. And so, my time was up and I had to return to my cage.


Zidus probably thinks I died, but I couldn't leave this place after they showed me something better than my plane. It turned out that this place wasn't actually a village, but an old military nuclear facility. They had everything they needed inside the facility to be self sustaining and everyone inside the facility were decedents of the original crew that worked here. For generations they have been converting the missiles into a spaceship, because their was a legend passed down that humans had left Earth and colonized Mars.

All the technology of Earth was believed to still be thriving on mars and I believed them, because of my experiences from the past. Before leaving the past, I was actually trying to get someone to sponsor me to go up to mars to visit the Mars settlement that was recently established. It was a huge project made by the top ten countries. Japan, India, Russia, China, Germany, South Korea, Israel, Canada, Singapore, and Sweden claimed that they successfully restored the atmosphere on Mars. For the first time in human history, we were able to walk on the surface of Mars without a spacesuit, but it was still one hundred years too early before it was ready for average people to go there and live. The settlement was made up of the top scientist in the world and even some of my fellow Americans were able to join the project. I remembered how much I wished to be apart of that settlement, because it was fifty-four point six million kilometers away from all the corruption, all the gangs, and all the scum on Earth. Thou, that was the nice thing about being in this time period, I got to get away from all of that stuff, but I also lost a lot as well. I missed the forest, the rivers, the animals big and small, and I especially missed technology.

I was so excited to go to Mars, but even though the spaceship was ready for liftoff, there was still something in my way. When the launch doors opened, it revealed all the ice that the facility was under. For generations, they worked to mine the ice, using it as a source of water, but unlike the people in the wasteland, they put theirs through a water purifier. They had gotten through a pretty big chunk of the ice, but their was still so much to dig threw. Luckily, I knew how to make it go by faster, so for the last 3 years, I have been creating rock slides on the top of the ice and making my way towards the launch door. Since I didn't need to worry about things like sleep or exhaustion, I managed to get most of it all done and when I got to the launch door, I changed up my strategy for removing ice. In order to get the area around the launch door safe from ice slides caused by the vibration during launch, I dug the area like an open mine.

I still had a long way to go, but I still had a month before the deadline comes up. If we didn't launch in a month, we were going to miss the chance to reach Mars and will have to wait another two years for Mars to get back to it being at it's closes point to Earth. At first, everyone was skeptical that I would accomplish such a feat, because they believed it would take four more generations, but when they saw the sky from the launch door, minds began to change. I became especially popular with a lot of the women and ended up gaining a lot of hatred from the men.

With all the scars I had covering my face, I decided to mess with the people of the facility and create a world of my own for them to believe. Using stories about dragons, magic, and other things from the science fiction slash fantasy stories in books I used to read and games I use to play. Turns out, the people here had similar books passed down, so they completely believed these things existed. As far as they knew, I got my scars from taking on the demon king and my inhuman strength came from my high level that I got from all the experience points I gained from defeating the monsters on my adventure to face the demon king.

Though I did make stories to explain my super strength, I didn't push it and tell them I didn't need to eat. So everyday, I would visit everybody during dinner time. They seemed to also grow corn and other foods I seen in the villages in the wasteland with their indoor green house, but they also had a lot of crops I never thought I would see again like strawberries and bananas. I was even more surprised to see goats and chickens running around in the indoor farm. Yes, this facility was filled with so many things I thought I never would see again, like a swimming pool, grand piano, and basketball court, though the basketball court was in ruff shape and the balls looked all homemade. The people of the facility also had modern clothes that they made from the goat and web of a bunch of spiders that they kept in a fish tank. The swimming pool had actually become the home for fish instead, my guess was that the generations before wanted to have fish as another source of meat.

In total there is seventy-nine people in this facility and one in the oven. The facility has a strict rule about kids and those who want kids have to wait until someone dies. There is a waiting list for those wanting kids and only those at the top of the list get to have the next kid. In order to prevent inbreeding, they made it so no one is allowed to be in a relationship unless they are two generations apart. The kids also get stuck learning whatever is needed and can end up having at least three masters in different fields. This has made everyone very disciplined and very intelligent, which was way beyond my level. Another reason why I spend most of my time working, Because surrounding myself with people who thought drilling a hole in someones skull would cure them to people who knew how to do brain surgery. They may have been very gullible, but they were not stupid, I made the mistake of lying to them, rather not have them knowing that.

So, after I showed face, I quickly ran away and headed back up to my project. It was easy to work non-stop everyday, kinda felt like working on a model ship. Apparently the people got tired of letting me do all the work and my work space became flooded with people. These people were not exactly physically fit, they were more like twigs. Twigs that could barley lift a chunk of ice off the ground and take it to where it needed to go. Since they seemed to want to help, I didn't bother stopping them, after all, I was still way ahead of schedule, I think I could have had it all done in less than three days.

Eventually, everyone gave up and a lot of them asked me to never let them try to help again, because manual labor was definitely not their cup of tea. With everyone gone, I was finally able to work at full speed without worrying about knocking a chunk of ice into someone, causing them to be impaled or crushed.

So, it took me a little over four days to finish the job, which was a lot more than I thought it was going to take, but as I looked at the masterpiece I had created, I was left with a warm fuzzy feeling. Actually, I didn't exactly feel anything, I just kinda knew I was proud of what I accomplished in the time I had. The problem with finishing early, now it was time to talk to people and hopefully not get caught in all the lies I told.

I landed on the launch door and walked over to apart of the roof that had a smaller hatch the size of a car. I knocked on the door and waited for someone to open the door. It took a few knocks, but eventually someone hit the button to open the hatch. This was the way everyone made it up and down from the roof. It used to be a room that held a mini-submarine that looked like it was used to preform maintenance on the outside. Though, now it looks nothing like a submarine cause parts were striped from it and re-purposed.

I jumped down and waited for the hatch to close. When they finally did, the inside door opened and I entered a small maintenance room which lead into a control room that was used to control the mini-submarine room. A woman named Crissy was at the controls, I thanked her for letting me in and she replied with her finger in her mouth, “I'll let you in all kinds of places.” I quickly ran away yelling, “I need an adult!”

When I left the room I came to the sight I never got tired of seeing. I was on an outside staircase that surrounded the rocket ship. The thing was massive and they would have made it bigger, but anymore would interfere with it successfully leaving the launch opening. From the outside it looked like it was strait out of a science fiction movie. There was one big thruster that was the largest part of the ship in the bottom located. This thruster was surrounded by four rings. The rings were connected to the thruster by four foot metal rods and on the rings were eight smaller thrusters. The middle portion of the rocket ship was this big round structure like a grain silo. In the middle another row of four rings that got bigger as they went down, these rings were connected by two to five foot metal rods. The thrusters on these rings were slanted to the left and outward. The last part of the ship was the point and it was made from a diamond drill and a few other things.

I spent too much time looking at the ship when from behind Crissy said, “I'll be your adult.” Quickly, I hoped over the railings and let gravity take me flying down a hundred and fifty meters. The distance I fell was almost a whole mile, but it seemed that it was well within my limits, because once I landed, I walked away like nothing happened.

Leaving the launch room, I looked for something to do while I waited for launch day. The facility was built with three wings with a main wing that contained a cafeteria surrounded by barracks. The first wing was a submarine dock area that I originally entered in. That room moved to a storage room which than lead to a hallway that connected to the main wing. The second wing had a farm at the end that was connected to the hallway that had doors that lead to a pool, a library, a work out room, a sewing room, mini theater, game room, two racket ball courts, a music room with a grand piano and other instruments, a basketball court, janitors office, and lastly the main wing. The third wing had the launch room at the end with the mini-submarine room, to the right in the hallway lead to the launch control room and the left lead to a large factory were they built the rocket which also had a very large door that opened up to the launch door. Seeing how I was looking for something to do, I figured I would go to the library, after all, it's been ages since I read a book.

It was hard getting to the library, since everyone wouldn't stop getting in my way to try and strike a conversation. Somehow, I ended up sitting down with everyone in the cafeteria as Kyle made a toast to me.

“To Leon, with the ice gone, we are now on schedule to launch and fly to the future.”
“Here, here.”

Everyone began to exchange conversations as the bowls of food were passed down the table. A woman named Scarlet who fought to get the seat next to me said, “Would you like some radioactive corn?” I looked at the corn in the bowl and replied, “What do you mean by radioactive corn?” A guy named Donny on the other side of the table said, “It's a joke we have here, see, the outside and in here is completely covered in radiation, but our bodies have evolved so we aren't affected by it anymore, because its soaked into our bones. We don't know when the joke started, but every once in a while we all like to add radiation to everything we eat or touch.” Scarlet leaned close and said, “Here's an example, would you like radiated sex?” I quickly stood up and said, “Radiated R, viewer desecration is advised.” Scarlet looked up, “What was that?” I looked down, “Sorry, I prefer to stay pg-13 a little longer, so, I'm going to run away now.”

The little party was hard to get away from, but when I did, I had to also escape from some woman who wouldn't stop trying to chase me. In order to escape them, I ran to the first wing and double back to the cafeteria so I could get to the second wing and reach the library were I walked in on two guys making out. They didn't seem to care, instead, they asked, “Would you like to join us, we've seen how you don't care for women, well, neither do we.” I put them down gently, “Sorry guys, I do not role that way, but you two should keep having fun.” “Well, if you change your mind, your always welcome”.

Finally, I found a nice corner and started to grab some books and these books were old, like really old. When I tried to flip the cover open, it broke off like a dead leaf. So as I carefully opened up to the first chapter, I tried really hard not to break anymore of the book. As I looked at the first page, with just a glance, I realized that I had read the entire page. To be more accurate, it was as if I analyzed the page. This was both really amazing and really horrible. On one hand I gained the ability to learn things really fast, but by doing so, I lost the joy of getting completely immersed into a story.

I was a little bummed out, but I didn't let it stop me from reading and so I stayed in the library, buying my time until it was finally time to head to Mars.

In less than a month, I'll become an astronaut.


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