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Dream World Chapter 6

Dream World © 2017
Chapter 6
Cyborg Benefits


I take back everything I said about not hating being alive. Now, more than ever, I wished to die, after all, whats the point in living, what's the point of anything anymore. So what if I got to eat new foods, so I got to explore, it all meant nothing now. I couldn't go an hour outside the purple room without almost dying. Than there's the fact that everyone I knew was dead, I was never going to see the kids in the field, be scolded by my mother, get yelled at by the elders. They were all gone and the pain may have lessened in my heart, but it would not go away.

As the months went by, it seemed I couldn't wake up from this never ending nightmare and it seemed I was going to have to go through it alone. Leon took off and left me here alone, I needed him so bad and he just left me here all alone, feeling so hopeless. I couldn't even gather the strength to move my body most of the time and when I did, it was cause I left the purple room to let the sweet release of death take me. Too bad that type of death was very painful and I would always end up returning to the plane or in the words of Leon, “Chickened out”.

Since I had all this time, while staring into the glowing purple light in the room, I began to plan how and where to kill myself. It wasn't hard to decide, there was only one place I wanted to be before I died.

When Leon returns, my adventure will be over.


Zidus wasn't going to be recovering anytime soon, so I left him to go visit the last two villages and tell them what I learned. The first village I was heading to was a lot like Zidus' village, except, this village had one thing that set them apart. Music was a very big thing in this village, even though they didn't have much options for instruments. What they lacked in instruments, they made up with vocals. I loved coming to this village, because these people had amazing voices and it seemed like everyone had a tune to let out.

As much as I was looking forward to hearing their voices, I came face to face with something that made me fear for the village ahead.

A line of corpses with ropes connected to sleds with torn apart bodies laid on the route to their village. As I got closer, I confirmed what I knew, they were more Mad Storm victims. They were most likely heading towards Zidus' village for more meat, since that was the direction they were headed. After close examination, I also confirmed my theory that there was a limit to how long the infected could live. When I checked their corpses, I discovered several small holes in the part that was facing the ground. It also looked like the adult snakes had left with them.

Every single corpse shared the same fate and every one I opened up had so many holes in them. So, I confirmed the fact that putting myself through the pain of killing entire villages was just a waste. If I had left them alone, they would have died by themselves and I would not have had to look into the eyes of all the people I befriended over the years. Even the people I was cutting open or walked passed, I knew their names and I knew their jobs in the village. I may not have knew what they did on their free time, but I remembered the lights in their eyes when I would tell them stories and the sound of excitement in their voices.

Now that I think about it, I may be affected by these events, but I feel like when I was human, stuff like cutting open a corpse or killing entire villages wouldn't have been as easy. I definitely lost something, maybe I was only pretending to be human, but if that was the case, why would I even question my actions and emotions.

Putting my thoughts aside, I continued towards the song village, because I had to make sure there wasn't survivors. But when I got close enough to see the crops wilting away, I already knew the answer.

Making my way through the dying fields, I came to a deserted village with dried blood everywhere and not a single corpse to be seen. It would seem the infected didn't want to leave behind any food and with only dried up blood to color the area, it made me fill like I walked into a horror movie. Any second, any step, something was going to jump out to try and kill me.

Right after that thought, I heard a sound from my side, so I turned to see a man coming at me with a chisel. Another thing that was nice about being a cyborg was the fact that I could analyze every second like time was frozen. When I looked towards the man, I noticed that his eyes were not blood shot, he had no wounds, and he looked like he hadn't slept in days. I knocked the chisel out of his hand and flipped him around and quickly put both arms under his and connected my finger behind his neck. He couldn't move and he was too weak to fight. Quickly, others popped out with the same tired faces with pickaxes, hammers, and chisels. I quickly understood what happened, these people were water collectors who must have been away when the storm blew through the village. Luckily, it looked like a few woman worked with the men, so they could get the village up and running again.

Instantly, I said to calm everybody down while releasing the guy in my arms, “Relax, it's just me, Leon the traveler”. Everyone immediately calmed down and one said, “Thank the crops it's just you, we thought the infected had come back”.

I continued to put their minds at ease, “Relax, they all died out in the wasteland far, far away from here”. They all fell to the ground and I could see just how exhausted they were, so I couldn't help, but help, “Listen, everyone here needs to get sleep, I will take care of your fields, so I repeat, get some rest“.

There had to be at least sixty people which was more than I expected to be alive and when they heard the infected were dead, they all quickly found a place to pass out and didn't even seem to worry about the fields.

Since everyone was going around passing out, I grabbed the carts and emptied the water into the nearest field. Next, I linked all the carts together and pulled them all towards the frozen tundra.

It was so nice having super strength and to never feel exhaustion or pain. Definitely made pulling all these carts very easy.

As for the world of ice, it was another thing that I never got tired of seeing. It was a giant wall of ice with canyon side cracks every few miles. Some cracks would end fast, while others seemed to never end.

I really wanted to see what it looked like from a birds eye view, but since I didn't have technology for that, I had to really on my robotic legs. I jumped from side to side on one of the cracks, propelling myself upward off the walls.

I use to jump like this all the time when I first woke up in this time. I was so sure that I was living a dream and flying through the air like I was, I was starting to think I was actually stuck in a coma.

It didn't take long to make it to the top and from there a new view opened up to me. The top of the ice looked like a raging ocean with waves that seemed to have froze instantly. There were frozen waves that seemed to be thirty feet high. I looked to my side to see the canyon below me, I got up here so fast that it was hard to believe just how high I was. If I had to guess, I was at least thirty stories high.

Past the waves, I could see a dark cloud, so I leaped into the air and landed on top of one of the bigger waves. I still didn't have a good enough view, so I launched as high as I could while sounds of things cracking underneath me made me think, this wave was going to break in half. Luckily, that didn't happen and I became a bird in the air.

I expected to see an endless world of ice, but way out in the distance, there was an enormous mountain surrounded by very dark, thick clouds. This mountain looked like it was as big as Mount Everest, but I didn't think it was a mountain, because I could see lava flowing down it's side. If it was a volcano, it was a very good thing that it was so far away, because a volcano that size could cover the land around it for hundreds of miles.

Before falling, I turned my body around to see the land behind me. It was truly a desert wasteland and I could see several of the villages that were now nothing but ghost towns. I could kinda see the forgotten city of New York, but just barley. It was more like a gray blob in the distance. I looked towards my left and saw in the distance the mad storm disappearing into the distance. At least that storm was gone for now, hopefully it decides to never come back.

Flying up was fun, crashing down, not so much, especially since when I landed back on the frozen wave, it broke in half. When I finally hit the ground, I was pulling three inches of a icicle out of my side. Nothing came out of the wound, so hopefully nothing was broken.

Since, I figured I spent enough time sightseeing, I went back to what I originally came here for, but I was going to do it the smart way. While still on top of the ice, I went along the edge till I came to a large crack that had to be about a quarter wide and about half a football field long. This was a landslide waiting to happen, though I think the correct term is ice slide. So, in order to speed up the process, I stuck a broken end of the wave into the hole and smashed down like a nail with a chunk of glass. Almost immediately a section of the ice wall came crashing down. From the bottom, a snow cloud exploded, engulfing everything in little tiny chunks of ice.

Raising my hand, I let the icy snow land on my palms, but although I sensed that it was on my palm, I could not feel it. There have been a lot of benefits to my cyborg body, but I miss what it felt like to feel things. It was such a thrill to soar through the air, but being able to feel the wind on my face would have made the experience a thousand time better. I guess it is also a plus that the chilling cold wasn't something I had to feel, just like I didn't have to feel the intense heat of the desert wasteland.

When the snow had finally set, I returned to the ground, except this time, I jumped from side to side to slow down my decent.

What took a group of people all morning, I had finished in an hour. Though the carts were full of ice, I didn't have the strength to pull them all, so in order to get the carts back, I had to take them two at a time. But, by the time I got back with the first two carts, quite a number of people had risen. We dumped the ice and we went back with the carts to get more. No one could believe their eyes when they saw the carts all full and so much ice laying around. Lying, I told them that this was how it was when I showed up and all I had to do was throw it in the carts. They all excepted my lie and we quickly refilled the two carts and began pushing them back to the village.

After returning this time, the whole village was up and they came and helped to get the crops fed. Staying busy seemed to really help keep them distracted from their present situation.

Looking at their situation, I couldn't just leave and somehow I managed to stay there for an entire month. Meanwhile, during that time, we discussed how to survive their next encounter with the mad storm. We thought that making clay huts with zig zag entrances would be a good way to keep the snake from getting them inside the huts, but after someone mentioned that there were holes in their hut, we knew we needed something a little harder. We needed something the snakes couldn't dig through, luckily, I've already discovered that metal worked. Unfortunately, the only real metal here was the water carts, so everyone was going to have to use the water carts as shelter until I could locate them some more metal.

I was going to have to go into the city to gather the metal I was searching for, but from what I've heard, it's too hot for people to go there, so I was going to have to grab it, than come back for help to bring the metal back like it was a water run.

Probably a good thing I was returning, especially since I just went up and left Zidus all by himself. I just hope he is still alive by the time I get back.


Time seemed to have lost it's concept on me when I decided to just spend all my time laying against the wall with my eyes closed. But, when that door swished open, I immediately became alert. Eyes were opened wide and I could see Leon in the doorway, which meant it was time to bring my life to an end.

After getting up, I pushed past Leon and headed into the bathroom. With so many experiences of leaving the purple room, I already knew what was coming and it came hard. But, once my inside all left my body, I returned from death and said to Leon, “So, I've been stuck inside this plane for who knows how long and I'm feeling pretty good, so can you take me up to the ground for some fresh air”.

While scratching his head, he said, “Yeah, sorry for disappearing on you again, but if you want to go up, I'll take you up, I have to go up there anyways”. I didn't really care what he was up there doing, but it got me where I wanted to go, so we went up to the surface. When we got up top, Leon asked, “Still feel okay”, I responded, “Yeah, I am doing fine”. He continued, “Alright, let me know if you start to feel sick”.

Leon didn't leave me alone and ended up following me as I went up the hill towards my secret base. He kept asking how I was feeling and I constantly lied. Truth was, I felt like my insides were all ripped to shreds, but I wasn't going to let him know.

When we got to the top, he asked me one last time and when I lied again, he left to go explore the rest of the area. By the time I got into the pedestal, I couldn't stay on my feet. The pain was just too great and it felt like I had just finished running as hard as I could. I could hardly breath and my eyes were all watery.

The only thing that kept me moving was my determination to get to the top before I died and from the pain I was feeling, I knew it was going to be soon. Somehow I got back on my feet and made it to the stairs were I climbed up to the point at the top of the pedestal. I was coughing up blood and my vision was getting blurry, but I was so close, I couldn't stop now.

Not sure if it was cause I was in so much pain, but I couldn't feel the sizzling pain of the metal staircase. The heat was still there, especially since my skin was ripping off from it melting on contact. Blood had also started leaking from the wounds on my back, but I never stopped and finally made it too my destination.

It was cramped at the top, It was like being in a small hut, but there was an opening with a bunch of bars in between. From the top of this statue, the view was amazing and I saw more of the ancient city than ever before. With my new view, I got to see more things like red rivers running through the city and lakes of this red liquid could be seen in all kinds of places. Another thing I noticed was black smoke rising from multiple spots, but it seemed to fade into the sky instead of turning into a cloud.

Now that I finally made it to my destination and saw the site I wanted to see, I was finally at peace with death. Now if only death would hurry and take me away from all this pain.

Instead of an instant death, I got to enjoy a familiar feeling. The metal began to vibrate and the statue made all kinds of noises. The first time it happened, I was so scared, never before did I ever feel the ground shake, but here near the ancient city, it was quite normal.

I grabbed my stomach with one hand and held onto the bars on the opening. The bar broke and the shaking became a thousand times worse, sending me off my feet. The statue began to tilt as I was in the air and the back end smashed right into my back. My head quickly followed and the blood that spewed from my mouth came back covering my face.

The tilting stopped in an instant and I was sent flying towards the opening. My body crashed into the bars, but they all broke sending me spiraling out of the statue. I had thought I wanted to die, but in that instant, I realized I wasn't ready for death. Before I knew it, I reached out and grabbed onto whatever I could, hoping to live. Somehow, I managed to catch the edge of the opening and when the force of my body stopped falling, it sent jolts of pain throughout every fiber making everything go black for a second.

I was still alive, but, now I was hanging from the statue without any strength to pull myself up. The statue was on the brink of completely toppling over, but somehow, it stopped after tilting a third of the way down, but how long till the whole thing came crashing down.

It was so hard to hold on, my strength was slowly disappearing. It was so frustrating, I wanted to finally live again, but it seems life wanted to screw me over even more than it already has. Quickly, my rage built up and I just started screaming like crazy. The screaming helped me gain some strength back, but suddenly, I started coughing up blood again. My head began to pound and the pain made me grow so very weak. I couldn't hold onto the edge anymore and my hand finally lost the strength to hold on.

It was weird, as I fell, it was like I was seeing my whole life flash before my eyes. I could see my friends and family so clearly in my head and when I closed my eyes, it was like I was right there with them.

Than, out of nowhere, I felt an arm wrap around me, quickly, I opened my eyes to see Leon holding me. Leon used his body to shield me from the impact as we crashed through the statues leg like it was made of clay and landed on the stairs. Almost immediately after going through the statue, the top part began to split apart and fall over. The stairs didn't seem to want to break, so while the statue fell, it ripped the stairs with it.

The stairs flew the opposite way through the rest of the statue and smashed right through it. Leon held on to me with one hand and held onto the stairs with the other. Next thing I knew, we were being lifted up into the air and though we may not have gone as high as the top of the statue, we could see the city and it's red water and black smoke. Leon Looked at the site with such intensity, I thought his eye balls were going to pop out.

The stairs didn't stay up for long, soon, they started to slide away and before it completely fell off, Leon swung us towards the pedestal and let go of the stairs. We fell down a lot faster than what it felt like I was falling before and in seconds we hit the stone walkway surrounding the statues base. With all the excitement, I forgot how damaged I was and when Leon let me go, I tried to take a step and...


I was glad that I decided to search Liberty Island for durable metal first, because if I didn't I would never had noticed Zidus hanging from the Statue of Liberty's falling body. The kid was literally hanging onto her head for his life and I had to pull off something completely insane to save him. I still can't believe I caught him in mid air like I did. Fate most really want this kid dead or something, I've never seen anyone run into death as much as him. And from all the blood he was losing and the fact that he just lost consciousness, I had to get him back to the purple room as fast as possible.

Moving as fast as my cyborg legs could move, I ran across the land like I was competing in the Olympics. But, as I ran, another earthquake shook the ground beneath my feet. It didn't affect me too bad, but it did open cracks in the ground around me where gust of steam erupted. From the walls, molten lava shot out like it was water leaving a hose on full blast. From behind, something sounded very, very wrong, so I looked behind me to see Liberty island falling into a lake of magma. Falling was the wrong word, it was slowly sinking. Luckily we got away from the island when we did, the problem was that the plane was located under Liberty Island, so it was under lava as well. Zidus needed that purple room to live, so when I got to the hole, I jumped down with him still in my hands. The chances were very unlikely that the plane was still alive, but I had to be sure. It took only a minute to get to the hole, but to get to the plane was taking a few more minutes, since I didn't want to accidentally run into some lava.

When I finally got to the cave holding the plane, I discovered that I was right, the cave had filled up with lava and the plane was on top of it like a boat. How long till the lava ate through the hull, if it hadn't already. All I knew was that I had to get on that plane and figure out how to fly it before it melts away, cause if I failed, Zidus was a goner. The stairs were still open, so I figured if I could catch a falling boy in mid air, I could jump and land inside the opening of the plane.

I took a deep breath, like I was still human and launched off the ground with such force that I left visible footprints in the ground. It may have only lasted an instant, but I was filled with such excitement as I literally jumped over a pool of lava. If I was still human, my body would have been filled with so much adrenaline right now, actually, I be dead, burned alive by the lava, cause there was no way I would make this jump as a human.

My aim was absolutely perfect and I landed right into the opening. As soon as I landed, I ran to the purple room and laid Zidus on the ground, but not exactly lightly. I kinda ended up just tossing him in there and returning to the front.

When I returned to the cock pit, I hit the hand print to retract the stairs and in seconds, they came flying up like they were perfectly fine. Whatever materiel this plane is made out of, it must have some crazy durability. Let's just hope it last until I can get out of here.

I hit every button I could, but nothing was happening, I was beginning to think the controls were broken, but that wasn't my biggest worry, the ceiling caved in and in an instant, the plane was covered in lava. When the lava left the window, I was able to see the plane moving forward as the lava flowed towards the downhill slope of tunnel. The plane spun backwards as it went down and for a quick second, I saw the face of the Statue of Liberty come crashing down into the cavern creating a wave of lava.

When the lava hit, the plane was sent flying down like a surfboard and when it hit the bottom, it was sent flying back up, skipping across the ground and up the tunnel towards the exit. The plane got far, but not far enough, but at least for now it was out of the lava.

I sat back against the chair and thought about what I just saw when the stairs was in the air. I hope I was wrong, but I think that New York had become a giant super volcano.


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