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Dream World Chapter 5

Dream World © 2017
Chapter 5
The Mad Storm

My body was being shredded by the harsh wind, I couldn't see a single thing in front of me and I wasn't alone.

In the storm, I could hear things screeching past me and than something very light landed on my shoulder like a fly. I went to hit it off, but it felt like it was latched onto me, so I tried to pull it off. Quickly, I noticed this creature was not just latched onto me, it had dug into my body. It was like pulling a string off a shirt, it just kept getting longer and longer. I didn't even feel pain, like the area it dug into me was completely numb. What ever this thing did to make me numb, it would have definitely came in handy when I was healing from the fire.

Finally, the creature was ripped out of my neck and immediately wrapped it's body around my arm. I refused to let go of it and it didn't like that. I used my other hand to try and grab the head, which was a good thing I did, cause it was trying to bite the hand I was holding it with off. When I successfully grabbed the head and stopped it from being able to bite any more, I felt another thing land on my back and than another on my other shoulder.

Swiftly, I threw the creature in my hand away and quickly went to pull out the other creatures out. I got the one in the shoulder and threw it away, but I couldn't reach the one in my back and than like a switch, I felt something change in my mind.

An overwhelming craving for meat took over me, I grabbed the next thing that tried to dig into my body and ripped it off me, but not to throw it off. I took this long creature and sank my teeth into its body. I thought Leon's food was good, the taste of this was like how I felt when I compared Leon's food to corn, there was just no comparison.

I tore into it's body and it tried to fight back, but after several bites, it seemed to lose it's life. I didn't even finish the first one, when another one tried to sneak inside me.

The corpse in my hand became useless, there was fresh meat, ready for eating, so I dropped it and reached for my next meal.

This time, before digging into the creature, lightning struck right in front of me, dispersing the storm for a quick second and lighting the area around me. That second gave me a perfect view of the creature I was eating. This thing had several little wings from behind it's head all the way to the tail. Two frail looking arms grew out about a third down it's body with super tiny claws for hands. It's head was covered in my blood, but all the blood couldn't hide the mouth on this thing. The mouth had teeth that grew in and outside it's body. It was spinning it's body trying to escape, but it also made the head look like a drill. Thinking about it, I 'm guessing that's how it digs. Lastly, the tail had an end like the nose of a mosquito, I couldn't even imagine what that was used for.

Being covered in the storm didn't bother me, all I wanted to do was continue to eat these creatures. I was so into eating, that I didn't even notice the pain from the wind anymore or maybe these things have just attacked me so much that they had numbed all the pain, but after eating so many of them, the switch that caused the intense hunger just disappeared.

With the hunger gone, I had a new mission, prepare for the next feeding time, so I continued to catch more of the creatures, but than I thought about what would I do after there was no more creatures left. I quickly put my mind at ease, “I'll just have to eat other people”.


This was the first time I've ever been inside a mad storm and I was not enjoying it. First, the lightning kept trying to hit me like I was some type of lightning rode or something. Second, the only time I could see was when lightning struck near me or hit me. The lightning may have been annoying, but it did show me something interesting. When the lightning hit, I was able to catch a glimpse of a snake like animal with wings.

The wings didn't seem to be that big, but in this storm, there must of been a lot of thermals and updrafts allowing these creatures to zip through the air with there tiny wings the way they do. I would have never expected to see animals living inside the storm, I wonder what other mysteries this storm held.

Since I was near one of the lookouts, I took cover under the hut below it, but I wasn't alone. Inside the hut a woman was smashing her head into the wall. On her neck was wounds I've seen on mad storm victims before. This wound was circular and it wasn't just her neck, her back and sides were covered in them.

I should have just left, but instead I called out to her. She swiftly turned around and I saw the clear sign of the infected. Her eyes had turned blood red like the blood vessel in her eye popped. She charged at me, so I pulled a knife out of my pocket and put her down by shoving the blade into her neck and severing her spinal cord. It was nearly an instant death, but she still managed to bite down on the arm I used to block her attack. Her corpse had it's jaw locked onto my arm, so I used the knife to slice the jaw open and free my arm.

She fell to the ground and since the storm was still active outside, I decided to begin examining the corpse. Though, once this storm finally goes away, the real fun begins and by fun, I mean hell. I was not looking forward to going around and killing all the people I befriended in this village. Especially since I just went through this with the last village.

I laid the body on her back and began digging the blade down her chest. When I got to the stomach, I heard a screech from within and all of a sudden, I bunch of the snakes erupted from the stomach and dug into the ground like worms.

They turned into spinning drills and borrowed through the ground like it was made of water. No wonder I never seen these creatures, they all lived underground and inside the storm. Perhaps it was these things that were making everyone go insane. This whole time we all thought it was a virus that was turning people insane, maybe, those infected with these snakes, can be saved. Honestly, I'm surprised no ones discovered this sooner, but seeing how the creatures dug into the ground after the host was dead, perhaps that's why.

My thoughts of saving those infested with these snakes were quickly shot down when I opened up her corpse. The snakes had tore through the stomach, making it look like swish cheese. Not even the purple room back in the plane could save those infested by these snakes, because from the test I did with Zidus, it proved that it couldn't fix body parts, it could only sustain life and numb the pain.

When I figured I had learned everything I could from the body, I rubbed my hands in the dirt to get the blood off and sat down looking towards the exit.

I held my knife firmly in my hand as I prepared my mind to slaughter another village. I closed my eyes and calmed my breathing, focusing on the next objective. As I breathed, my mind wandered, I started thinking about how useless this breathing exercise was, after all I was all robot underneath, could my human techniques really affect anything about this body.

When I was done being stuck inside my head, I opened my eyes to see that the storm was getting lighter. By the time I got up, I watched the storm run away as fast as it came. So, clinching my knife tight, I headed out, but something caught my eye.

If I still had my human eyes, I probably never would have seen it, but someone was by the water carts. Whoever they were, they looked to be alone, so I figured that I should take care of whoever it was first.

Closer I got, the less I wanted to head in that direction, because there weren't any other people that looked like they spent way too much time at the beach.

Soon, I was on top of Zidus, but he had a pile of those snakes in front of him and his back was completely covered in wounds with blood pouring out and making a puddle of blood on the ground beneath his feet.

My attempt to get close to kill him failed like an assassin failed when I stepped on a fallen corn stalk. His head whipped towards me so fast, showing his blood red eyes, but than his words caught me off guard, “Oh, Leon, you can make these right, I need them, I need more, more, more, more, I have to have it, I need to have it”. He sounded like a crazy person, completely unlike his normal self, but at least he wasn't talking about killing other people. I reassured him, “Yes, you can have as much of those snakes as you want back at the plane”.

My ears picked up a sound from my side, so as I turned towards the corn fields, a man with his mouth and hands full of blood, came jumping out. He tried to attack me, but I had way too much experience in murder, that facing someone who just had their first kill or two wasn't going to stand a chance. With very slight movements, he flew past me and instantly I decided not to kill him, but to put him to sleep. I swung my arm around his neck and began a blood choke. By cutting his blood circulation, he slowly lost consciousness and motor control. I didn't kill him, because I wanted to dissect him alive and see what his insides looked like with the snakes inside him.

I told Zidus to come over and hold him down and he said, “So we can eat him?” It was scary that he actually was serious when he said that, so I said to him, “If you ever eat another human, I will never make you food again”. My words struck him and quickly responded, “Yes, yes, I got it, no eating humans, I'll do whatever you want, just give me food”.

Zidus sounded like a crack addict, but it seemed like meat was the trigger to control him.

I dislocated the mans arms before cutting into him, but this time I was very careful not to cut too deep. The man quickly woke up and tried to break free as much as he could, but I used my powerful robotic legs to hold down his bottom half and with his arms dislocated, Zidus had no problem holding his top half down. I pulled apart his stomach, but he didn't scream in pain, it was more like he no longer felt pain. Another thing was that the ends seemed to all be connected to the spinal cord with these little needles that dug right into it.

Continuing with the incision, I sliced opened the stomach and instantly a bunch of snakes spewed out. There were so many inside him, that I counted at least twelve and they were all eating chunks of flesh that ended up in his stomach. I carefully sliced the snakes heads off one by one till they were all dead, but the man remained insane. So, I took it a step further and pulled out the needle ends out of the mans spine and once the last one came out, the man screamed in pain. Than nothing but tears came flowing out while he said with his last breath, “I ate my best friend, I ate him and I enjoyed it”. He than coughed up a mouthful of blood and laid their with his eyes wide open.

I may not have had a heart anymore, but I could feel his pain and it made me wish I could cry, but that moment was quickly ruined when Zidus said, “You gonna eat that” as he pointed at the snake in my hand. He knew darn well I didn't eat, but when I denied him, his eyes turned angry, so I enforced my control, “Remember, you said you would do anything, now I'm going to need some of those snakes you have”. He became very reluctant to give it up, but all it took was reminding him that he would lose an unlimited supply of food.

I picked up a few of the snakes off of Zidus' pile and told Zidus to stay right here and if the mans body was touched at all, he would be denied food forever.

Like a bird I soared over the chaos of the village. I watched as everybody killed each other, it seemed like something straight out of a zombie movie. They were so focused on killing each other that they didn't even notice me soaring above them. I hit the ground a few times, till I got to the elders hut, which was the biggest hut in the village. From there I decided to use the information I learned from Zidus and yelled out at my highest voice, “I have an unlimited supply of food, the last one alive will have access to it!” Most of them looked at me with disbelieve while others continued to eat the fallen. In order to get them to believe me, I threw the snakes into the crowd and continued, “I know where there's an infinite amount of these, but only one will get to have them”. I had gathered quite a crowd with my voice that projected like a megaphone and when the few started to eat the snakes, their eyes widen and started killing again. I wasn't sure if they went back to killing because of my speech, but as they didn't stop killing, I knew for sure.

There were still some that tore into the bodies they killed, but they were quickly killed by those only focused only on killing. The whole reason behind telling them that the winner will get unlimited supply, was to prevent them from becoming like the last village that went searching in teams for other villages. I was doing this horrible job because, there were only two villages left and I wasn't going to let them fall too.

During the whole event, I paid close attention to the dead bodies, but from what I could see, the snakes never left the bodies.

Back to the massacre that was happening, only a few remained now, all the others laid motionless on the ground. I knew they were dead, cause the infected no longer felt pain and seemed to have a high endurance.

Finally, only two remained, the first was a medicine woman named Mallory who used a scalpel and the other was a man named Mark and he was swinging a pick ax. Unfortunately for Mark, while he was trying to pull his ax out of a body he just impaled, Mallory came up from behind and jumped on his back. Mallory wasn't exactly tall and Mark wasn't exactly short, so it was quite an interesting sight.

Mark quickly let go of his ax, but it was already to late, Mallory used the scalpel to slice open his neck. Before dying, Mark ripped Mallory off his back and flung her into the ground. Blood burst from his neck while she coughed up a mouthful of blood. I thought it was over, but than a bunch of people came out from their hiding places and quickly went to kill Mallory, but when they saw there was others, they turned to kill each other. Their faces were covered in blood, so they all already had their fill of blood spilled.

I was beginning to understand how the infected worked. The snakes dug their stingers into the spinal cord and sends signals to the brain telling them to eat meat. The snakes than wait for the meat in the stomach and eat until they have enough. From there, they change the signal and the host is able to think again, but all they can think about is finding more food like they are under extreme addiction. If they don't have access to meat like the look out was, they end up committing self harm.

The hiders picked up a bunch of the weapons left behind by the fallen and began hacking away at each other.

Finally, there was only one left and he was a man named Hector who was an agriculture specialist. His job was to take care of any problems that occurred in the crops. I bet he never thought he would be standing in a field of corpses.

I jumped off the hut and walked over to the winner while saying, “Are you ready to see where this unlimited supply is”. He ran over and stopped right in front of me with wide intense eyes that told me he couldn't wait to hear. In an instant, I sliced open his stomach and shoved my hand inside ripping out a snake. The snake squirmed and tried to bite while he tried to attack me, so I kicked him to the ground.

His guts were spilling out, so before he died, I dropped the snake while saying, “There's your unlimited supply” the snake dug into the ground as I countinued, “They are in the ground, just dig and you will have all the food you could ever need”.

He fell to the ground and I went to finish him off, when I felt a blade cutting across my neck. Quickly, I grabbed my neck and turned around to see Mallory jumping away from me. While holding my throat, I said, “Well that's not nice”. From a distance she replied, “Just do me a favor and hurry up and die”. Well there was a surprise, the infected were able to keep a sense of humor, too bad for her, I wasn't human. With my free hand, I thew my knife into her chest, but it wasn't a lethal hit, so before she could react, I jumped right in front of her and gripped her with my hand. I just kept increasing the power of my grip while she desperately tried to break free. Soon, I felt the bones snap in her neck and her body became limp. I let go of her neck after pulling my knife out of her and turned to finish off Hector, but his soul had already left his body.

Since the village had been taken care of, I headed back to go meet up with Zidus, wondering if I will have to kill him or not. I rather not, since I am able to control him, because at this moment, he was going to make an excellent test subject.


The second Leon came back, we headed for the plane. This time I had no questions, since all I could think about was getting to my meat. When we got close enough to the big statue, I didn't even look at it like I usually did, it just didn't seem important anymore.

Leon picked me up when we made it to the hole and jumped down. When we got to the ground and he let me out of his arms, I took off running towards the plane. When I got to the plane, I sat there looking and waiting for Leon to hurry up and start making me more food.

It felt like days had passed waiting on Leon, but when he showed up, he said, “Hey, do you know what would be a great way to stock up on snakes”. I looked at him and asked, “What?” “We should stock the purple room with them, it should keep them from rotting and there's plenty of room, why don't you put the snakes you brought with you in there right now?” He was right, without a second thought, I ran right over to the purple room. But, when I opened the door, Leon grabbed me from behind and started doing the same thing to me as he did to Brandon water gatherer. I wanted to scream and break free, but he completely over powered me and I couldn't scream while he was choking me. I tried to fight, but slowly, everything went black.


I laid Zidus on the ground and began to see if I could save him. I pulled out my knife and made a small incision just above his stomach. Spreading the cut, I looked inside to see just how many were inside him. It was hard to tell, so I slid my arm into the hole and I felt around. My hand grabbed the first snake I found and I slowly pulled it out. The snake quickly started to fight, so I ripped it out like a band aid. The snake came out, but it definitely looked different than a regular snake, because there was a large bump on it's belly.

Zidus woke up and surprised me with his words again, “Leon, please tell me that was just a nightmare”. I turned away from him and told him the harsh truth, “Your village is gone, your friends our dead, your family is dead. That is your reality, the sooner you except that, the better off you will be”.

I left the poor kid to cry alone in the purple room as I went to find a container to hold the snake. Somehow, Zidus must of managed to only let one inside him, but it wasn't too surprising, since I found him with a pile of snakes at his feet.

When I woke up the first time in this future, I had an entirely knew scuba suit on and that included the tank. I opened the closet and went past all the togas and track suits and grabbed my scuba tank that I left in the corner.

After taking it apart, I threw the snake inside it and sealed the tank. Than using my knife, I poked a hole, but by doing so, I chipped my knife. I was rather disappointed that I chipped my knife, especially since it was my only one from the past.

The snake moved around ferociously inside the tank, but its teeth couldn't cut through the metal. Since it wouldn't stop, I took one of the dead snakes that Zidus brought with him and threw it into the tank. Almost immediately, the snake stopped flailing around and settled down.

The next few days, were basically me checking up on Zidus who seemed to never stop crying. I mean I understand, everyone he grew up around was dead, but it had already been three days and he didn't have to kill them all like I did.


The mad storm took almost everything from me and if Leon didn't remove the snake out of me, I still will be that other person who didn't care about anything, but eating meat. On the other hand, maybe it would have been better if he just killed me, at least than I wouldn't have had to feel like someone ripped out my heart and crushed it into the ground.

Eventually, the tears stopped flowing, like I had ran out, but the pain was still there. Though it seemed as time passed, the pain began to fade away like the pain from the burns. When Leon saw that I was no longer crying, he came in and started asking me all kinds of questions about what was going through my head when I was infected with the snake.

Leon was just like me, he wanted to know everything and I managed to use that part of me to distract myself from the emotional pain I was going through, too bad I couldn't do the same for the physical pain. Still the physical pain was nothing like what I went through with the fire, now that was something I hoped to never feel again.

The next few days we learned quite a bit about the things Leon called snakes. Especially when the snake he took out of me gave birth to a bunch of new snakes and Leon started more experiments with it.

So, Leon had theorized what he thought, “From what I can determine is that the snakes live in the storm and when they come to a village, they numb the place they land on like a misquote and enter a host and the host gains a need to eat meat. The snakes than feast on the meat the host collects, so that it can get ready to reproduce. One snake can produce ten offspring's and once the snake reproduces, it loses interest in meat. The snakes most likely leaves the host after that and enters the ground where it will wait for the storm to reappear and join the rest of the snakes. Once the snakes leave the host, the host most likely dies, which would explain why all the villages do not know about the snakes. It wasn't that the storm evolved, it was that infected never lived long enough for other villages to discover the truth. The only thing people ever found were dead bodies, so they must of theorized that the virus just made everyone want to kill each other. If I had to guess, the host only lives for about a week and I believe the only reason you felt them was because your burned skin was extremely sensitive, so even though you were numbed, you could still feel them”.

Now that we had discovered the secret of the mad storm, the next question was if I could survive leaving the purple room or was I doomed to spend the rest of my life in here, never to venture to the top of my secret base, never to explore again.


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