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Dream World Chapter 4

Dream World © 2017
Chapter 4
Returning Home

Present Time

Leon stop his story, leaving me in suspense, “Things would never be the same, what does that even mean and what happened after you opened your eyes. I have questions and they need answers”.

As he went back into the plane, he said, “There's not much more to say, when the light went away, the pedestal was gone, the lights were on, and I found my body outside or at least what was left of it”.

Following him in I asked, “I still have so much more to ask, there is so many things that I wish to know, like what's a hot dog?”

“Cool down cowboy, there's plenty of time for that, but first, I want to show you more things that I think you'll find interesting”.

I'm not sure what a cowboy was or what Leon was showing me. He had opened the yellow room and inside it was this ridiculously comfy looking bed and pictures of some boy and me in it. Leon was also there with other adults in other pictures. In one picture a beautiful woman held onto Leon's arm looking at him with such intensity that you could tell she was head over heels in love with him. As I continued through the pictures, more and more people appeared.

Leon spoke, “I'm guessing you don't know any of these people either”. I looked up, “Who are they?” He scratched his head and said, “When I first met you, I thought for sure that you could tell me, but I quickly understood that you were just someone who looked like the guy in the picture, heck, maybe I am the same, just someone who looks like the guy in the picture. What ever the case, one thing is certain, this plane holds a lot of secrets, secrets I wish to discover”.

He wasn't the only one, who were these people and who was that kid I was with. It felt like the questions I had were pilling up faster than I could get answers. One of those questions was, what was in the other rooms.

“Hey Leon, so what's inside the other rooms?”

Before moving on, I noticed a desk with some weird object, So I asked him what it was and he said as we left, “That is a back pack with bird wings on it for some reason, probably just a fashion trend”.

We entered the orange room first and inside it was a a bunch of clothes of all kinds. On one side there were these clothes that the people in the pictures were wearing that were all white. On the other side was a very colorful selection of outfits. Leon started explaining what these outfits were, “These white robes are called toga's, they are an outfit worn by ancient Rome or Greek and are also used for cheap costumes for parties. And these colorful outfits are known as track suits and are used for many things like cross fit”. “What's cross fit”, “Ah, well it depends, it could be called a joke or a serious exercise, I guess it depends on whose doing it”. He still didn't answer my question, but that's okay, since we quickly moved onto the next room.

The pink door swooshed open and inside it was this intense aroma that made my nose hurt, “Leon, what's that horrible smell”. He laughed a little bit and than replied, “That is called perfume, it actually suppose to make a lady smell better”.

I could see how it would almost work, but they made the scent way too strong. Maybe if it was a tenth of strength, I might actually like it. I looked around the room and for some reason everything was pink. The whole room was covered in heart shaped furniture with little colorful vials covering the tops. At the end of the room was another bed and it was also completely pink and in the shape of a heart. Leon started to speak again, “This is what you call a chick room”. There Leon went again saying words I didn't understand, “What's a chick”.

After scratching his head he said, “It's a woman. Chick is another name for woman”. “So why would this be considered a chicks room?” He opened his hands at the room, “Because it's pink and girly”. I was still confused, “Why does the color mean it's girly?” He scratched his head some more, “Because woman like pink”. He was really confusing me, “Why can only woman like pink, what's wrong with pink, why can't I like it?” He stopped scratching his head, “You're right, it's this stupid rule from the past that makes no sense, it shouldn't matter who likes what as long as they like it”.

Finally, we came to the last door on the wall, the red door.

He put his hand on it, but nothing happened, so I said, “Well”. “Sorry squirt, this door never opens, but the blue door next to the purple door does”.

So, instead of getting to see the red door, we went into the blue door where this room was twice the size of the other rooms and there was this huge bed in it too. More pictures lined the walls, but these pictures had people in the track suits and the toga's outfits as well. The room also had it's personal bathroom in it, plus it had its own section of togas and track suits.

This place must have been where the head of the plane slept, since it was the biggest room and biggest bed.

Leon pointed at the bed, “Go ahead and sleep here today and tomorrow, well head back to your village”. I looked up at him and replied, “But, where are you going to sleep?”. He smiled, “Well, if I still slept, this would definitely be my room, but since I don't, you can have it”.

I didn't hesitate to jump onto the bed and let my body be swallowed up by the cloud like materiel. My skin still stung a little, but it didn't even bother me, before I knew it, I had dozed off into dreamland.

I found my self walking around in the frozen tundra and people from the village were with me. They were harvesting the ice from the wall while I ventured deeper and deeper. The road ended and I fell off a cliff, but the bottom wasn't more ice, instead, the ground was covered in flames.

The second I hit the flames, I woke up covered in sweat. My heart was pumping so fast that I felt like it was going to jump right out of me.

After catching my breath, I noticed the sound of something smashing. I got out of the bed and when I opened the door, I saw Leon hitting the red door with a large rock. He put the rock down and said, “Yep, no good, doesn't even scratch the door”. He scratched his head and said, “So are you hungry?”

I jumped at the sound of food, “Can I have the New York hot dog”. He left the rock on the ground and put a plate into the object, “Two New York hot dogs”. He pulled out the plate with the hot dogs on it and placed it on the table for me. I looked at it and noticed it resembled the hamburger, but when I bit into it, it definitely had a different taste. The hot dog was firm and juicy with flavor that burst out of it with every bite.

The hot dogs were gone as fast as they appeared and after they were gone, Leon brought me another plate of something called spaghetti and meatballs. As he put the plate down he handed me something that looked like a spoon, but with four spikes on the end. He told me that this dish was eaten with a fork and I'm guessing that was the thing he handed me.

As I ate the spaghetti, Leon grabbed a toga from the orange room and said, “When your done eating, put this on and we'll head back to your village”. As much as I wanted to stay here, my mom had to have been worried about me, so I gulped down yet another delicious dish and got dressed. It was a good thing I was putting on this new outfit, cause my previous clothes were kinda held together by a few strings. In fact, when I tried to take it off, it all seemed to just fall apart.

Immediately after getting dressed, we left the ship and walked down the cave till we came to the exit. Except, the exit was a hole, at least thirty feet in the air. “Um, Leon, how do we get out of here?” He picked me up and said, “There are advantages to being a cyborg”.

Leon bent his knees and than in a split second I was pushed back into Leon's arms as we flew up into the air. I didn't even have time to perceive what was going on, but before I knew it, we had left the cave and landed onto the ground outside.

I looked around and immediately knew where we were. We were in the canyon next to my secret base. If I just walked ten minutes, I could have been at the hill that I take up to my base and if I ran, I would be there in no time at all.

Leon let me down and we started walking towards my village, it was going to be a long time to get back, so I decided to spend the time asking him about more things the world once had. I also learned about the things Leon was giving me to eat. The patty in the burger was not a plant, it came from other creatures that use to live, which was interesting cause the only other creatures I knew of were bugs. Whatever these other creatures were, they were tasty.


I made it back home faster than I expected, probably from all of Leon's stories. Though I did notice that being out in the heat made my skin burn like I was laying naked on a hot stone. I followed Leon past the look outs, who didn't even bother to sit up as we past them.

Continuing through the village, I followed Leon towards the hut where the elders gathered everyday. Leon told me I should go see my family while he took care of business, so I walked away as he went inside. But of course, I came back around to hear what he had to tell the elders and did this by looking through a crack in the hut.

“The mad storm has claimed another village, but it seems that it has evolved. Those affected by the storm don't just lose their sanity and kill everything that moves, they can now work together and plan. I spent the last few months hunting down and finishing of the last of the recent infected”

The elders looked at each other and whispered, than the head elder spoke, “That only makes three villages besides us left”. Leon looked down, “Unfortunately, another village lost their crops and died before making it to another village”.

I couldn't believe it, there were only three villages left, humanity was almost completely gone and it looked like the elders were thinking the same thing.

“Only three villages left, to think we use to have over fifty when I was young, will my grand kids even live long enough to have kids of their own”.

There was a lot of talk going on, pretty much, them all talking about their fears, so I left and went to go see my mom.

Walking threw the village, it was obvious that no one recognized me, heck, I wouldn't recognize me. Most of my hair had been burned off, my skin looked black and dark red with parts that looked like blood was smeared across. The only part of me that was safe was my mouth, nose, and eyes and that's only cause I shielded them. I wish I could say my ears were fine, but even those were almost burnt off. When I saw what I looked like, I didn't even think I was human anymore. I guess Leon and me make quite the duo, he looks human outside and I look human inside.

As I came down my street, I noticed my mom outside trying to fix a crack in her hut. The people I grew up around looked away as I walked past them, but one middle aged woman stopped me and said, “Zidus, is that you?” I turned towards her, “The one and only”. She immediately turned towards my mom yelling, “Sherry, your son, he's alive!”

My mom dropped everything in her hands and came running over. Tears were flowing down her face and she went to touch me, but I knew better, I raised my hand to stop her. Seeing my hand and everything else that my body now was, she stopped in her tracks, “Wha..whaa... what happened to my boy?” I figured it was best not to tell them about the plane and my base, so instead I skipped the details of where I was and just let her know that I was close to the village when I was attacked, but I was saved and nursed back to health by Leon.

Soon, more people started to come over to us, but their main questions was about the toga I was wearing. I didn't blame them, like me, they never scene such a fabric either. In order to dodge the questions, I just told them that Leon gave it to me and I didn't know where he got it.

Escaping the crowd, I went to go see my crew that I left to pick up my slack in the fields. I took a while to find them, because I spent most of my time dodging the leaves from the corn. Each leaf felt like a knife across my arms. But soon, I found them in a field with a medicine woman looking at a big gash on Robby's knee.

Jessica was the first to notice me and I watched her facial expression change from annoyed to completely horrified when she saw my body. The rest of the kids ended up having the same reaction, but, they also said stuff like, “Ewe, what is that?” When the medicine woman saw me, she ran over and asked, “How are you still alive, I've never seen someone survive such horrible burns before”. Once again, I pushed off the questions by telling her, “You would have to ask Leon”. She responded, “You mean Leon the traveler?”. After confirming, she wanted to know if he was here, so when I told her he was, she took off to go find him.

After hearing my voice, Jessica said, “Leon” and the rest of the other kids perked up. “Hey everybody, I'm back, guess Robby's not the ugliest one anymore”. Right away, everyone wanted to know what happened, so I decided to use a story I heard from Leon, “I came face to face with a creature as big as a hundred people. It's teeth looked like ends of a giant pickax and it's eyes were colder than the night. When it opened it's mouth, flames exploded from the back of it's throat and swallowed my body. I was on my way towards death, when Leon appeared and put out the flames. When I awakened, I was starring at it's severed head, with Leon covered in it's blood”.

One of the girls asked, “What was the creature, what was it called?”

I hesitated for suspense, “This creature was known as a Dragon”.

Jessica intervened as everyone else gossiped with each other over the story, “Hey, the way you are now, I don't think you will be of any use out here, so go home, I'll have the elders find you a new job”.

Taking her advice, I told everyone goodbye and head back home. As I made my way inward, the horns began to sing in pauses, such a familiar sound, guess the water carts were back.

When I got away from the fields, I noticed the streets were empty, but, I knew why. Everyone always flocks to Leon's location when he shows up, so I headed back towards the elder hut.

I found Leon surrounded by a huge crowd of people, but I wasn't stupid enough to get close to that crowd, not with my sensitive skin. Speaking of my skin, everyone who showed up, gave me all kinds of looks. Disgust, pity, and scarred seemed to be everyone's reaction, but did it bother me, not really, I got to see all kinds of things and eat foods that no one in this village could ever imagine. To everyone else, they probably thought I hated being alive, but the me now was no longer surviving, because now I was living.

I watched more people come later in the day, like my mother and the kids in the fields. Everyone wanted to escape the boring world we lived in by talking to Leon who seemed to have an infinite amount of stories. I wonder if this was what life was like when he went to other villages or if the other villages did more than just surviving.

As darkness came, the crowd had dwindled down to a few people, so I walked over and caught Leon, “So Leon, what now?”

“You get a night sleep, cause you'll be traveling with me as your new job, plus already cleared it with your mom and the elders”.

To tell the truth, a part of me was worried that he was going to leave me here, but hearing him tell me he was going to take me with him filled me with joy.

Before I could respond, he continued, “After all, I leave you here, how long till you go from, just ask Leon to telling everyone about my home”. I couldn't make eye contact with him after he said that and quietly responded, “Well, what can I say, I didn't really know what to say, so I figured the great Leon would know what to say”.

He laughed it off and told me that I should hurry and get home in time for dinner and that I should meet him at the edge of the village in between the bean and corn fields.

Since Leon was heading away, I headed back home to find corn being cooked in a corn oven. It was funny, we were using corn to cook corn. Looking at the corn covered in flames, reminded me of when I was the corn. I started visualizing the whole experience again and when I came back to reality from my mom calling out to me, I realized I was breathing heavily and covered in sweat. It was like I just woke up from a nightmare, but I didn't have time too think about the nightmare, I had to calm down my mom.

It was hard to be around my mom after that, especially since she wouldn't stop worrying, but it was harder to eat the corn. After eating the food that Leon gave me, eating another ear of corn made me want to throw up.

Somehow I managed to get through dinner, but when it came time to sleep, my mom wouldn't let me go until I promised to say goodbye before leaving.

Entering my hut, I looked around at all the little bugs crawling around my room. They definitely seemed to have multiply since I've been gone while also making my room, their room. When it came to falling asleep, it was the first time in my life that the bugs actually annoyed me. But, eventually I was able to get past the slight stinging sensation from the bugs crawling across my skin and continue the nightmare from before.

I use to enjoy sleep, maybe a little too much, but now all I had were nightmares. Because of the nightmares, I ended up waking up before the sun went up. So, while I waited for my mom to wake up, I decided to walk around the village.

Eventually, I made it to the outskirts of the village to find the adult males preparing to go gather ice. It was pitch black outside, so they were using lanterns to see. But, as I looked into the dark sky, I saw rays of lights from the sun begin to appear and I knew they wouldn't be needing their lanterns soon.

I was feeling pretty relaxed during my walk, but once that ray got just a little bit brighter, things completely changed. Immediately the look out towers went on high alert. Their horns filled the night as rapid and as loud as they could possibly be. This is a sound, nobody in the village ever wanted to hear, it was the worst alarm in the book of alarms.

This was the mad storm warning.

Hidden under the darkness of night, a massive mad storm had appeared only a few miles away and it was heading strait for us. It looked like an enormous dust cloud with lightning going off inside it. Looking to my left and to my right, it's sheer length and speed already told me that there was no escaping this thing. But, the men around me all fled towards the village, running as fast as they could. I definitely didn't want to be near a lot of people when this thing starts turning people into the people I saw infected by this storm or the stories I've heard about what this storm does to people.

Why, why did this have to happen, I was abut to start living the life of adventure, my life was going to be actually like I always wished it was, but now this bloody storm had to show up and ruin it for me. Not just that, but what is it going to do to all those I grew up around, what was it going to do to me. Will I ended up trying to kill my fellow villagers or will they get me first. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll keep my sanity, maybe everyone will, after all Leon said the storm was evolving and allowing people to continue to think and work with others. Hopefully this time, the storm won't destroy another village, maybe, my village will survive this event.

I knew better, we were all doomed and within the few moments I spent thinking about it, the storm had already reached the carts. The guys who ran, probably won't even make it out of the fields before this storm swallows them up.

I had just a few more seconds till the storm swallowed me up, but out of nowhere a rock came flying out of the storm and smacked me right in the face, sending me into the ground. I looked up, pulled my face off the ground, and raised my fist in anger while the storm swallowed me up and yelled , “Really!”


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