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Dream World Chapter 2

Dream World © 2017
Chapter 2

Pain returned me to consciousness, just so I could cough up a mountain of blood. I quickly had regrets about moving, because it felt like I was in the middle of the city with its super heated air shredding every fiber of my body.

Quickly, I returned to laying on my back, but by doing so, I once again felt my body cry. And it just wouldn't stop crying, but all I could do was lay there and hope the pain would go away.

Even though only a few minutes passed by, it felt like hours, but slowly the pain faded.

Finally, when the pain became tolerable, I could concentrate on something other than pain. I started paying attention to my vision, focusing on what I could see. What I saw was that I was in a dark place and there was this faint, purple glowing light above me. I tried looking to my right and left without moving my head, but all I could see was more darkness.

Unable to move, I spent hours carefully breathing, trying to keep the piercing pain from reactivating. As more hours passed, I began to think I had been sent to a place I only heard in stories. There aren't many stories passed down through the village, but the story of heaven and hell is the most well known of the stories. Apparently, after death there is two places you can go. The first is called heaven where a supreme being called God allows everyone to live the rest of eternity never having to worry about anything. On the other hand you can end up in hell where a supreme being called the devil makes the rest of eternity filled with pain and suffering. At this moment, I think it's safe to say, I was in a living hell.

Passing out, than waking up and coughing up blood seemed to be a constant occurrence. It didn't take long for me to lose track of time, I wasn't sure how many days went by, I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything, all I could do was stare.

Death had become very appetizing as it felt like I've been laying here for a few months. If moving didn't make me relive being burned alive, I probably would have. Though, the fact that I haven't felt thirsty or hungry makes me think that I was actually in hell. If I was already dead, suicide was out of the question, after all, how do you kill whats already dead.

“Light” my thoughts screamed when out of nowhere, light flooded the room. It's source was from a doorway to my right and from that light, I saw just how small the room was. If I reached upward, I could have touched a wall and the wall to my left and downward were just a little farther. The doorway to my right looked to only be three steps away and in that doorway was a familiar face. He took two steps into the room and knelled down in front of me while saying, “Sorry I left you here alone for two weeks”. Two weeks, Its only been two weeks, I've only lived through this hell for two weeks.

I'm not sure if I started crying because I found out that it had only been two weeks or the fact that I just saw another human.

I attempted to speak, “Leon”, but than I started throwing up a lung or two of blood. Quickly, Leon said, “Calm down, don't talk, you still got a long way to recover”. It wasn't till after he said something that I started noticing that he was in pretty rough shape as well.

Leon's clothes were all ripped and deep cuts now covered him in numerous places. I guess I wasn't the only one in pain, but at least he could still move. I was jealous that he was still able to move, but than I realized that it had to be him that saved my life. My feelings mixed as I wasn't sure if I should thank him for saving my life or curse him for saving my life. My thoughts were disrupted when Leon started talking again, “Sorry, I was late in saving you, it was my fault you ended up like this”. He paused for a second, “Don't give up, no matter how long it takes to heal, push on, keep fighting, live”. Leon stood back up and said, “I still got a big mess to clean up, I'll explain everything later”.

Before closing the door, he looked at me one last time and said, “Stay strong, remember, never give up”. The door closed again and I was once again alone in the dark with the faint glowing light on the ceiling.

Once again, it felt like I was left in hell for weeks, but than the pain began to fade away. For the first time in a long time, I was able to move without the pain sending me into tears. But, there was definitely still pain, but compared to the hell before, I was in heaven.

Since I was able to move, I blindly walked towards the wall with the door. But, after a few steps, my face collided with the wall and flared up the pain that had calmed down. After crying a few minutes, the pain finally went back down.

I took a deep breath and began looking for the way out of the room. I swear there was a doorway on this wall, but no matter where I touched, I couldn't find a nob.

Refusing to quit, results finally occurred, but not how I expected. When I pressed a certain spot on the wall that seem to have that purple glow on it, the door opened by itself revealing the fact that I was actually dead. I came to this conclusion, because I kept seeing things that shouldn't exist in my dying world. I was in a room that had to be four times the size as the one I just came from and it had artificial lighting.

Artificial lighting is one of the stories that's been passed down through the village. To actually see a light that wasn't from the sun or fire was something I never would have expected to see. But, there it was, on the ceiling, lighting up the whole room. And this room was filled with all kinds of objects I've never seen before.

To explain what I was seeing in this room, on my right was a small wall that stretched diagonal with a outline of a hand print glowing blue. Than the wall went strait with four hand prints of different colors along the wall. The first color was yellow, than it went orange, pink, and lastly red. On the other side was another wall but it was only a fourth the size of the room. It had a hand print outline on it as well, but it was a green color. Behind that wall was a table surrounded by a sofa with the finest looking cloth I've ever seen. For one, the cloth was red and looked to be made out of something that wasn't corn fibers. As for the table, it was clearly some type of metal that I would've only seen in the city, but it was way to clean and new looking. After the couch, more of that metal made objects that looked like they were made to open up. On the back wall, right in front of where I was standing was another hand print, but this one was white.

I completely left the dark room and the door closed behind me revealing a purple hand mark. I touched the purple hand and “Whoosh” the door disappeared back into the wall. I touched the green hand print and a new room opened up. Inside this room was all kinds of weird stuff. There was this solid white tub looking thing with blue and red buttons on the wall above it. At the end of this small room was a white sink and toilet like the ones I saw in a room filled with them in my secret base, but these looked a lot nicer.

Suddenly, I felt something rush towards my bowels and I clinched hard. I couldn't get to the toilet fast enough, but the sudden burst of movement had it's consequences. Not only did it feel like my insides were leaving my body, but my outsides were slowly starting to worsen.

When I was done dying on the toilet, I noticed a lever coming out of the wall. Not knowing what it was, I pulled it down and a jet stream of water surprised the hell out of me when it sprayed my behind. Quickly, I flew off the seat and looked behind me. Everything that left my body was gone, just an empty toilet remained. Though I didn't have time to stay and figure it out, an over powering hunger and thirst took over me on top of the pain from my burned up body.

Swiftly, I made my way back to the purple room and slowly the hunger, thirst, and pain disappeared. I don't know what this room was, but I'm sure with out it, I would have died a long time ago.

While I was lost in thought, I came back to the image of my burned up body and how horrifying it made my skin looked. I bet with the way my body looks now, I won't have to worry about finding a wife. One look at me and it will send the girls running. It was easy to overcome the dread that came from those thoughts, mainly because of where I was at. I was currently inside a building that shouldn't exist anymore. If it wasn't for me getting set on fire, I probably never would have seen this place. As far as I was concerned, my looks or even my life was an even exchange to see such a building. Still would have liked to skip the last month of hell, that was something I hope to never experience again.

Waiting to heal was driving me crazy, all I wanted to do was explore this building and all of it's rooms. But, all I could do was sit and wait, in the dark, bored out of my mind, with only myself to talk to.

“Hey Zidus”
“Yes, Zidus”
“What cha up too”
“Nothing much, just walking in circles”
“That sounds like a lot of fun”
“Is that sarcasm”
“Nooo, what made you think that”
“Probably the nooo part”
“Wow, you must be a real genius to figure that out”
“I try”
“I try, come on, really, put some effort into your comebacks, we literally have nothing else to do”

It was safe to say, I was losing my mind, but the silence didn't last long, because all of a sudden, the door flung opened. Leon had returned, but he was in rough shape. Rough shape was an understatement, he came in holding his severed right arm in one hand with deep cuts that had black goo leaking out of him.

Immediately I thought, “Black goo, that's not right, humans bleed red” so I looked closer and noticed that he didn't look anything like a human. Inside his body was metal like the statues in my base. His arm that was severed had a bunch of colored strings poking out and his forearm where the arm was missing was shooting little lightning bolts.

Words slipped out of my mouth, “Just what are you”. He didn't respond, instead, he feel to the ground and laid there motionless. I reached down to touch him and as I shoved his arm, I said, “Hey, Leon, are you alive”. Nothing, the silence was back, but than the floor came alive. A bunch of colored ropes came out of the ground and on their tips were a bunch of weird metals. These ropes started digging into Leon, slicing the skin off of him, revealing the rest of his statue body. His face looked just like the giant face statue, but his body was completely different from the statues I've seen. Instead of a statue, it was more like I was looking at a metal skeleton. Underneath the skeleton was a glass layer that had a bubble design on it. There were bubbles broken, being pulled out and replaced. Every time a bubble was removed, black go would squirt out. That black goo filled the insides of the glass, but there were also organ looking things underneath the goo, just barley revealing parts of it every once in a while.

As the chest was being repaired, the severed arm was being reconnected to the forearm. The arms and legs looked more like the statues on the outside, but on the inside, it had all that colored string inside it. Some of those strings were ripped out and thrown to the side, so I tried picking up a piece. Quickly, I realized this wasn't string, it was smooth like ice and it's insides were full of metal. I'm sure that there was a word to describe all the things I was seeing, but this was a first time encountering such things.

When his body was fixed, the skin was reattached to the body and a liquid was poured on top of the cuts. Immediately, the liquid seeped into the cuts and left the look of a scar. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would never had guessed where Leon got his scars or that he wasn't even human.

Soon after, Leon rose from the ground like he just woke up from a nap and said, “So, I'm guessing you have questions”.

Looking him dead in the eye with my head tilted a little, I said, “Yeah, that's a pretty good guess”. He rolled his neck and I could here it cracking like a normal human neck would, which was very deceiving, with his human skin back on, he looked and acted just like a human in every way. And after he was done he opened the door and said, “If you're feeling good enough, I'll show you your answers”.

I touched my body and noticed that it no longer hurt when touched. So, thinking the worst was behind me, I followed Leon to the other side where the white hand print was. But, before he could open that door, I felt nature calling me again, so I took off for the green room.

I heard a knock on the wall after just barely managing to get my butt on the toilet, than Leon said through the wall, “Are you okay?” The pain of pushing all my insides out, helped add volume to my reply to get past all the crying I was doing., “Just give me a moment, I'm kinda dying right now”. In a way, sitting on that toilet was not fun, but it was also something besides sitting in a dark room.

When I finally got it all out of my system, the hunger and thirst was back, so I pressed the lever next to me like last time and after I felt the jet stream of water hit my behind, I stood back up.

As I left the room, I saw Leon sitting at the table and he said, “Did you even wash your hands?” I got a little confused, “Why would I wash my hands?” His eyes opened a little, “Gross, go back in there and wash them, what are you a caveman”.

I wasn't sure how he wanted me to wash my hands, since there wasn't any dirt around to rub them with, So I asked, “How? Also, what is a cave man?”

He got off his butt, went into the green room and pointed to the sink, “Just stick your hands underneath the faucet”.

Not sure what a faucet was, I guessed it had to be the thing over the sink, so as I walked over to the sink, Leon said, “By the way, a caveman is one of the first species of humans”. I was about to ask him more about what a cave man, but shock took over me as water came shooting out of faucet.

Immediately, I started trying to drink the water, but than Leon yelled at me, “Okay, Stop! If you want drinking water, I have some in the other room”.

I couldn't believe my eyes, this water was literally only used for just cleaning hands. Not only that, it was so clear, it was like looking at liquid ice. I mean, I know ice turns to water, but the water I'm use to is usually a cloudy brown.

Now that I was done cleaning my hands, we headed back to the main room, in front of the metal objects next to the couch. He grabbed a handle on one of the objects and opened it up, revealing all kinds of plates and cups. As he grabbed a cup, he looked back and asked, “Are you hungry?” He didn't even get a chance to finish saying hungry, before I yelled, “YESSSSS!” He took the cup and plate and put the cup inside a portion of an object that seem to be just big enough to fit the cup inside of it.

Next he opened another object and put the plate inside it. He pressed a part of the object that looked like a silver circle. There were actually a bunch of silver circles all over the objects, but after pressing this button, he said, “Burger, well done”. He than pressed two buttons over the cup and I could see water and other things going into it. When the cup was full, he took it out and handed it too me. Inside the cup was more clear water and little cubes of ice. I chugged down the water and handed it back to Leon, “More please”.

I had at least three more cups of water, when a loud piercing sound went off. The sound didn't disappear until Leon opened the object with the plate, but it wasn't just a plate anymore. He pulled it out of the device and said, “This is a burger, prepare to have your mind blown”.

He placed the plate on the table and told me to go ahead and eat. I was so hungry that I was ready to start eating my arm, but in front of me was something besides beans, tomatoes, and especially corn. I do not know what this burger was, but the aroma it gave off, made my heart yearn for it.

Grabbing the burger with both hands, I picked it up and opened my mouth as wide as I could for the first bite. Slowly I clamped down, severing part of the burger, letting it fall into my mouth. The initial taste was plain, but as I began to chew, a bunch of other flavors began to flood my taste buds. Before I realized it, I had already eaten the entire burger. I looked at Leon with my eyes as big as I could possible make them, “More please”.

Leon smiled and than started asking for different dishes, “Bacon burger well down, pepperoni pizza, french fries”.

Each dish was amazing beyond anything I ever known. What ever that bacon stuff was, it made the burger so much, so much, so much, I don't even know how to describe it. And than that pizza stuff was so gooey, every time I took a bite, the thing called cheese would refuse to let go and turned into this long string that slowly fell to the ground. Lastly, the french fries were like biting into a giant bean, but unlike the bean, the french fry was so light and fluffy.

There was this weird feeling that came over as I finished the french fries, it was almost like I wasn't hungry anymore, like I felt like I didn't need to eat. It was as if for the first time in my life, I was satisfied.

Things only got better when Leon grabbed a cup and put it into the object and said, “Chocolate Milkshake”.

He placed the chocolate milkshake in front of me and said, “Enjoy”.

The drink looked dark brown, little tiny bubbles on it's surface looked like air was trying to escape. I touched the cup and noticed that it was cold, but not too cold to touch, so I picked it up and began to drink the strange liquid known as the chocolate milkshake.

Slowly, I let the liquid fall into my mouth and I felt it's overwhelming cold yet smooth liquid go down my throat. My taste buds were once again opened to a new type of food with such a unique taste. I didn't have words to even describe what I was tasting, the only words I could use to describe all the dishes I was eating was simply out of this world. I looked at Leon, “Are these foods from space?”

Leon started cracking up, “No these were dishes from a very long time ago, back when humanity squabbled over the stupidest things”. I didn't understand, how could I, after all, Leon was an impossible existence, just what was he.

He put his hand on my head like I was some little kid and said, “Did you forget what we were doing?”

His words rang in my head, so I jumped out of the chair and said, “Right, you were going to show me answers”.

Once again, we headed for the white door and this time, nothing prevented us from opening the door. When it did, we were in a new room with two seats all the way at the end. There were all kinds of buttons and switches above the seats . In front of the seats was a big glass that stretched along the wall till the back of the seat.

“I've I had to guess, this is a plane, but it's more high tech than anything I've ever seen”, Leon said, as he opened another door to the left of the white door.

That door led to the outside, which was very dark, until Leon hit a button before leaving, than artificial lighting lit up the outside.

We left the plane by going down some stairs and the place we were in was a giant cave with a pathway leading downward towards a small ray of light. When I touched the ground, I looked behind me to see the plane. It looked so much bigger on the outside, especially cause a part of it stretched on the side like an arm extending outward.

“Ahem”, Leon coughed to get my attention, so when I looked towards him, I saw him standing next to a skeleton in a yellow outfit with a boulder on it's leg. I walked over while saying, “What's with the skeleton”.

Leon took hold of the skull and severed it from it's body, “This isn't just any skeleton, this skeleton is actually me “. “How can it be you, you're not even human!” I didn't mean to burst out the way I did, especially how mean it sounded, so I quickly said, “I'm sorry, I didn't mean it”.

His face looked so sad, but he surprised me when he looked at his hand and said, “You're right, I'm not human, but I use to be, sad part is, my life ended thousands of years ago. Actually, I'm not completely sure how long ago, but I do know it's been a very long time”.

“Wait, so how did you become a statue?”

Leon burst out in laughter, “So, that's what I look like to you, well, the truth is I am a being called a cyborg or a robot now and it was the plane behind you that is responsible for what I am now”.

“How did the plane turn you into that”

He scratched his head while saying, “I'm not actually sure, but I guess I could tell you the story of my past, so consider yourself lucky, your the first to ever here this story”.

I sat down on the ground and eagerly awaited the story, so while still holding his skull, he lifted it up and said, “To be or not to be”. He smiled and said, “Sorry, it's a joke from the past”. He got serious again and finally began his story”.


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