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dream flat

moved in to my flat/home today after weeks of uncertainty whether i would make the cut..it's in a very desirable part of the city...all things considered i'm a very lucky guy and sometimes people when you think the world just brings you to your knee's with no let up.....speaking from experience life can be kind to you and it's such a tonic..i'm over the moon right now and look forward to turning my flat into the place i've only dreamt about.


Thanks PiP....someone somewhere took a punt on me and i hit the jackpot...going to send claire the woman interviewed me just to get a look at the flat then she done all the checks and had to decide who made the cut and she picked me.. bunch of flowers will be sent to her head office monday with a big thankyou

cheers PhiIstine..the lad dun good..thanks man
FYI: I'm not a blog reading type. Stumbled upon yours. Couldn't stop reading. There's a voyeuristic aspect, I admit. Kinda like following you without you knowing. Odd I feel guilty about that. So, thought I'd better acknowledge myself to you. Sas
This is what I like about following you. You aren't really trying to tell me shit. You are just letting me look, at your world, through your eyes. I'd let you look at my world, but now that I'm 72, it's boring. But, I could have shown you plenty. Timing is everything.
72 could be the new 22....i don't mind being bored because there are many more feelings one could be experiencing that are far more unpleasant....show me the way sas, show me the way.....
I don't think of myself as 22, but as 45. Smiles. I often say that the young should sit next to me at parties. I've stories to tell. Of course, they bring me pie and move on. Pity. Damn pity.

About 25 years ago, I went to such a party. There was an elderly gentlemen sitting, for a long time alone, at a table. He had been given his pie (smiles). I decided to talk with him. What an interesting life he had. He knew many famous people, and had lived an extraordinary life. As others overheard us, the table filled up. There became only standing room. He was surrounded. When his daughter said they had to leave, all begged him to stay. It may have been the last grand night of his life.

The young think they know stuff. Sit next to someone with more vintage who does. sas
maybe it was..who's that with sas.....youth is wasted on the young and all that but i'm sure young at heart with all your marbles is just a hoot....
I've only known you for a few hours but I watched you put knobs in your new home.

And you're happy. Experiencing the upscale side of town, exploring and decorating eclectically. Congrats on achieving your focus.

I just sold my big pad in a very upscale neighborhood and am moving into a cane roof structure with less than 600 sq. feet. On purpose. And I'm no spring chicken. Hope I like as much as I think I will.

Enjoyed your posts on people watching. Especially the guy who asked you to join him in the river. Funny stuff.

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