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Well moved into a flat that is not a touch on the place I lived before but beggars can't be chooses. from my window I can see the docks and total Industrial blackout and previous was open farm land and hedges with wildlife for company. I have no internet connection because I can't afford it and will have to find local wifi places to get online....you have to keep hoping life will turn for the better but coming from a natural pessamist that's not easy.


Are you truly a natural pessimist? I tend to think it's the optimists that have it hardest; constantly expecting so much good from the world and being disappointed when the stars fall from the sky... but I think you must have a hopeful heart because you keep going.
I've visited, and re-visited this, and, i don't know how to respond.
Good luck really doesn't do it, seems so inadequate some how, but it's all i have.

Good luck Escorial.

Fingers crossed.
Gargh...it gets ontop when you always feel your trying to stop the tide from coming in...i always think the worst and then i can react to crap but just sometimes you hold out for that glimmer but hey like you say hopeful heart..cheers kidda.

dither..alot of my misfortune is caused by making some pretty crap decisions on my part..i do believe im addicted to drama..ha..cheers lad.

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