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Down Memory Lane

Aside from a quick posting of two of my poems in 2011, I've not been active on this site since the day Baron bought it. I was unceremoniously locked out of the boards and ripped of my robes.(I was one of the admins) To be fair I was somewhat inactive for the past few months and had no idea that the site was being sold. I was a little shell shocked and miffed that I wasn't asked or given the option to remain on staff. I was part of staff from the beginning and to be dumped without notice was unpleasant. But to be honest I was burnt out and baron probably sensed I would be a determent rather than an asset to his new vision. I rarely looked in on the site when he owned it but wished it well never the less.

Then it was sold again and I took notice. This owners vision was bigger, brighter and more inclusive. He gave the past staff its due respect and kept the basic foundation intact. He made it a stronger, more vibrant and ran a well run forum for all levels. His staff is second to none. When I cliff and pawn ran this site with our quality staff we made it a damn good one. When baron ran it it still was quite good. Now it's a great one. Cran has attracted a cadre of writers that are outstanding. I remembered him fondly when he was a member and I was an admin. Now I was a behind the scenes type of guy and rarely moderated on the public boards so he didn't come in contact with me. But he made quite an impression with the staff. He was a firebrand (a good one) and this site is blessed to have him as the owner , benefactor and comrade in arms.

I think I'll start hanging around in the blogs. I was in poetry and was quite impressed with the talented writers there. I posted a few of my poems but I think my stuff is more suited here. I''ll just stick with critiquing rather than subjecting them to my stuff.

till next time



Bob I will confess to having read some of your poems and having no idea on how to comment as I have no knowledge in this area. I have read many of your critiques and gained some insight into them from your analysis.

You make some interesting observations about the site and the ever changing evolution that is involved. I will say that Sam and Cran certainly seem to understand the basics of keeping something like this alive. I have been involved in a number of organizations that had a steady roll over of members due to the dynamics of what they were. The job of bringing up new members and getting them to take some responsibility, plus still manage to treat the old time base with respect is a high wire act if ever there was one.

I am looking forward to seeing you here on the blogs section and being able to interact with you...Bob
Wow, much respect for almost twelve years as a member. I can simply agree that this is an excellent site and a great resource for writers. Glad you're back; hope you'll stick around.
I thank you both for taking the time in reading my first blog post. Its like coming back home to things both familiar and unfamiliar.

I do want to add a word about Sam. Him I remember well. He joined the site a year or two before baron took over. He was very active and prolific on the boards. he like cran was a firebrand (good one) Like I said before I worked in the background and didn't come in contact with him direct. But we (staff) had many discussions about him .I came to know him well when he joined the oddville e-zine and became the senior proof editor in the fiction dept. He was invaluable- he was a workhorse and extremely dedicated in making the pieces shine. When he had to leave the Zine (other obligations )it was like a body part being cut off. I'm not surprised and quite pleased to see him as the major-domo of the writing forums.

till next time

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