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Don't wait for answers, just take your chances ...

The cavalry didn't exactly arrive, but tt turns out all I needed was a quiver of arrows. By replacing the foo. expressions with foo-> I got it working. Now my game can do all of these (new stuff in red:)
  • make a new deck (which is really a double deck)
  • shuffle that double deck
  • show the deck (shuffled or un-)
  • display a card (I was gonna say "draw" but that's not what people would think I meant)
  • display a place where there would be a card if there were one
  • display a face-down card
  • deal the tableau
  • show the tableau
  • show the foundation piles (which are empty because the gameplay hasn't been implemented)
  • spread a tableau pile into a hand and display it
  • show the labels for the input options (it's text-based right now--graphics will come later)

We had a lovely anniversary lunch last Monday for my husband's and my 25th. At Fogo de Chao in Houston. The food was marvellous. Just the two of us. I even dressed up in my little black dress with a blazer (LBDs are really versatile). We're going away for this weekend--leaving Friday and returning Sunday. A cabin by a lake. I am looking forward to it.

We got a new HDTV today. Until now, we've had an old-fashioned, analog, CRT-type unit. It was big, as those things go, but this is even larger. We got it with the money we overpaid Uncle Sam. It's a smart TV, which is kind of daunting, but I'm sure it'll all be okay.

And my life continues to be a life.


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