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Dock road.

sunny day so i packed me bag and talk a walk into the city centre...it takes about an hour but the journey takes you through hundred of years of history. Plaques dating as far back as 1734 dotted around the place..alot about bombing in the word W11..the buildings are amazing some derelict others converted to swish living spaces. As you walk along you are confronted by big trucks flying past and massive container ships docked..all imitating but very exciting when you think of all the goods coming from all over the world arriving. As you get near the city centre you come to new modern waterfront apartments..millionairs row and i wonder what would i write about if i lived in one..would the downbeat stuff be replaced by an upbeat theme that would be a joy to write instead of the gritty stuff.....don't know,don't care..all I know you can take me there!!!!!...is the song playing in my ears as i look around and dream.


Yeah, sure would be nice to try some of that life Escorial, i don't know that it makes a person any happier, it certainly provides a lot of choices though.
You're not the only one looking around and dreaming mate.
it would be nice to just write some upbeat stuff about good times though...feeling down and writing about the crap side of life is not always the best way to get the best out of it all....i need a break dude...ha

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