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Do you ever want to...

Scream at the silence?
I actually like mooching about my home in silence alone with my thoughts, certainly don't want people around me and then, I suppose that's not entirely accurate but I do tend to avoid the company of others.
For most of the day the only sounds I've heard have been the rumble of the wind, the cooing of a Wood Pigeon in the big old Sycamore at the bottom of my garden and the far off jingle of an Ice Cream vendor.
The occasional bark of a dog, a child shouting. Somebody has left a garden-gate open and it's thumping and banging stirred by the wind.
Well? That was earlier, now all I have to remind me that I am still of this world is the hum of my computer.
I've started on that book I bought, " The Things You Can Only See When You Slow Down. How to be Calm in a Busy World." By Haemin Sunim.
I read the words and it's like, "yeah, I know but." Always there's a yeah but.
And so, as the day comes to a close, i wait for my grub to cook, something I've rustled up for later and the morrow.

Life eh?

And now a Song Thrush is singing out what remains of daylight.


I like being home alone. Most of my life i have always had kids in my home or wife and the joy of being home alone is awesome
dislike intrusive noises. I live in a hill top and mostly its quiet
For 18 months we had work men fixing a collapsed road on our boundary bored workers looking in your windows Sorry i shouted at them through the glass occasionally
18 months of being a zoo animal being peered at as a point of interest. Rubs you raw after a time
I spend most of my time, alone in my bedroom, I have these sliding glass doors that have a fabulous view of the woods, although I usually keep my curtains shut and my room dark... kinda like a cocoon... ;)
I'm on a hillside looking out to sea whole walls of glass. I like the open spaciousness it brings. No curtains never pull them. If you have a problem mentally dress me serves you right for peeking.

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