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DNA Tests

Hello, Customer

Do you, like the rest of humanity, have questions about who you are? Do you have an identity crisis? Would you like one?

Fear not. If the horoscope, the Myers-Briggs, your friends, your family, and your ex's failed to convince you of who you are, we can do it for a small fee.

It's easy. You give us blood, and we pull the wool over your eyes. Now you have extra wool for the winter as well as a temporary feeling of identity and purpose.

That laughter? Certainly not friends of yours. You don't need them. Exotic blood runs through your veins. You're special. Tell everyone so they know it.

We don't mind the advertising either. :thumbr:


Dear kam,
I had my DNA done a few years
ago...very interesting. Seems
we only know what our family
tells us and that’s not always true.
My basic percentages were
more than originally thought,
for example I’m 25% Irish/Scottish/
Whales ....but according to my
parents much less and...I deduced
my father, unknowingly had a little
Irish in him. He thought he was 100%
The smaller percentages discovered
were very cool too, like 2% Ashkenazi
Jew and 1% Iberian Penninsula.
I was really hoping to be a little bit
of everything.

This year another DNA company had a
sale so just for interest sake I took that
one and they came out almost the same.
Just a very minimal discrepancy in two
of the percentages.
I have blue blood it's just that one of my ancestors lost out to anothrt guy with a bigger spade...
Me too, Elizabeth de Burgh, well...according
to a book one of my ancesters wrote
researching the family tree.
I would imagine with all the
shinnanagins of many of the royals
throughout history, there are many
royal relative out there.
When I was little, I felt like princess.
There have been so many royal bastards throughout history..I can recall my neighbours calling me a right royal bastards as a kid...
Dear E,
What a terrible thing to say to kid.
It sounds like it was fueled by emotion.
I’m not defending or condoning those
words, there’s a 100 different choices
to convey a message...but I’m interested
in what you were doing to incite such words.
Were you being a brat?
Council estate kids mum an dad's often argued over kids..compared to the kids today pretty tame stuff...
You must have been a right tear-aw be called a right royal bastard, but i bet your city council estate were far less tame than mine. At least we respected our elders, kids nowadays have little respect for anyone including their parents. I'd be interested in taking a DNA test, I know I have irish on my dad's side, probably have some viking in there somewhere too but I'd be intersted to see what else makes me me.
On this side, they've been closing some cold-cases. Seems that creepy uncle really was a creep- left his chewing gum at the crime scene and now you've got him busted because the DNA is in the database. * Bingo!* "Sally Walters, (no criminal history) has a relative once removed that did it. Also, she is two percent Circassian. Hmm. Bet she's hot, Bob. You know what they say about them Circassian chicks... Right, what you say we take the squad car and see what that relative of hers is up to now. Bostid thought he could get away wiv i', Eyah...no."
what you do in the early 80's kev,,,,...hollywood flasher...hollywood peeping tom..all unsolved
Yep, step right up and sign away your privacy. People are used to in on social media anyway.
What's the worst hat can happen?

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