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DIY Solar Fan

These are two of the most recent projects I've done:

DIY Passive Solar Fan

Mike's solar set-up was great for getting the job done.

Yet the intense heat during the day was getting the temperature to near max operating temperatures.

Luckily I'd bought some gizmo's that should help alleviate the heat somewhat.
With that I got busy making a passive cooling system for the solar-array set-up.
Before I could get started though MMM wanted a hand moving some glass doors from the battlebus. It was difficult putting them inside the truck yesterday and even harder getting them out again.

We managed though and had them safely stacked under cover.

Mike eventually wants both of them on his cabin which will be up a steep mountain side. I reckon we’d probably end up maimed or injured carrying them up. So I suggest a sled-system with come-alongs and ropes etc. This is for much later in the season though.

After 30 minutes of rest from that ordeal I get my mind back to the passive cooling system.

I got the ‘projects’ box open and took out the gizmo’s and my tools…

A PC cooling fan which had a DC brushless motor and wiring.
A 25 Watt soldering iron
Some Solder
Speaker Wire
Quick-connect crimps (male and female).
Insulation tape.
Gaffer Tape
Small solar panel.
See-through plastic sleeve with attachment hole.
Jute Twine

About an hour later I had it done and dusted. It worked first time too!
Direct sunlight hits the dinky little solar panel, which is suspended from a tree. This then triggers the cooling fan. Not a great blast of air comes from it but it’s something at least, when it’s shady it doesn’t work but that’s ok, I only want it spinning when the heat is on anyway.



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