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One of the joys of working in Seattle is the culture. The city is loaded with educated professionals, and has that certain air of slacker refinement.

You get a feel for folks working in their homes. From the bumper stickers on their cars, their magazines, stray mail piled on the counter. Just stuff you'd notice, but not really care about.
Surprisingly, there is a lot of political diversity in Seattle...

First, there's the Obama Democrats. They seem to fall into two categories: The super affluent that know how to ride a gravy train, and the poor / undereducated that dove neck deep into the hoopla. The commonality in both groups is that BHO is THEIR guy, to the end. Or 'till he's done being useful, whichever comes first.

Then, there's the Hillary Democrats. They're usually upper middle class, and have a very good understanding how the government / capital systems work... together. They don't like Obama Democrats because they understand you need some cows for milking and breeding, and you can't kill them all for veal. Hilary's their gal, unless Jim Webb decides to run, then they drop Hil like a bad habit. History can wait four more years.

And you'll find the Warren Democrats. They think BHO and Hillary are capitalist stooges. They want revolution, and they want it now! They also want their massive student loans paid off, 'cuz they can't find work with their Masters in Cuneiform Arts. The system is rigged to support The Man! The see the novel Animal Farm not as a cautionary tale, but an instruction manual. They are more than ready to break a few eggs to make that omelet.

The remainder are either apolitical, or fringe Libertarians that still want Ron Paul to run.

I did see a pick-up with a Romney-McCain sticker in Ballard, once. He was heading north at high speed. I don't know if he made it out. I like to think so. It is, after all, a tolerant town.


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