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Dither's Hawthorns


So that's a hawthorn? I didn't... yes, I can see them... full of blooms. We have something like that. Ceanothus... flowers once a year for short- anyway. Nice photos.
Well, one's a bit blurred but i've posted them in the forum and people can't see them.
I just find it so amazing that there can be pinks and whites on the same branch.

Yes, the horse-chestnut, conkers to most people, can vary, white and pink. But white, and pink? On the same tree? I don't think so.
You know?

Whenever i'm out bus-riding i can't help but look at the Hawthorns, they're like a brother to me, such a part of me, all those years of field walking i suppose,and the mix of all shades of the palest pink to almost red and white, on the same branch. It's just, well, amazing.

Note to self:
Must get a decent camera.

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