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A busy Town centre, where shocking is the norm, and the outrageous is so yesterday.
And would you believe that the first thing i saw as i got off my bus, was a man leaning on a wall writing into a pocket-size notebook. Really!:excitement: The market was buzzing, as i headed at a leisurely pace for the chip-van. He seemed as busy as ever.
Chips in hand, salted and vinegared, i took a nice easy stroll, checking out the stalls and as i walked, the strangest thing occurred to me, so many people, coming and going, buying/selling, eating and drinking,and yet i saw nothing. As though i really was on another planet and it just didn't compute, like it had all got lost in the translation process. I'm getting there and switching off for some unknown reason.
There WAS one thing that turned my head though, a young woman, late teens i'd say, she had the deepest shade of ginger, a real flaming-red, shoulder length hair, a lurid purple satin mini-skirt and top, leopard print tights, and sunglasses with big bright green Elton John type frames, and she was a big girl. HER, you could NOT miss , and yet, i may have been the only person who saw her.
There was a post with signs on it giving directions to various places:
Museum and art gallery.
County Hall.
Guild Hall.
The Sepulchre Church.
All Saints.
The Railway Station.
Royal and Derngate Theatre.

and last but not least,

The River Nene.

Take that as you will.

I decided to go shopping for a Pea Jacket, visited some very trendy outfitters, all playing really cool music, but they were fashion-shops, i was never going to find a PJ.
It's just something that i always fancied but never quite got around to buying. They CAN be bought online but, mmmmmmm,, i don't know, i prefer to try coats on. We'll see. By the time i'd given up on the coat, i DID find a harrington that i might just go and get for the summer, i'd been there a few hours, it was pm. I'd luncheoned at Fryin Brian's, drunk a quite decent cup of tea actually, out of a polystyrene cup, got my five pounds of whites, i'd had enough and was ready for home.

Bought a lottery ticket for tonight from a delightful young lady at a newsagent's shop nearby, and am now happy to BE home.



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