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dither omelette, Valentine's day,going home,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

My beaten-up run-down bus-stop shelter, a "lazy Z" roof, and the Jet car-wash, " Jet! Wooo'ooo'ooo'ooo'wooo,ooo'wooo'oo." Damn you McCartney, can't get that tune out of my head now.Fuzzy lights, seen through a persistent drizzle on a dull grey late afternoon, and the hum and the drum, of people heading home.
Valentine's day, and a red balloon ( "DIDO" wasn't it? "ninety-nine red balloons go by".Oh never mind. )swirls around amongst the litter,whipped up by the prevailing conditions. Heart shaped? A cheap representation of a full bosom to the more erotically orientated perhaps. It looks more like a smacked arse to me. But there you go.
I think i may have over-done it with the porridge oats earlier.:distant:
A teenage girl, flimsily attired,and it really is cold (not to mention WET ) today. Jesus! What goes on with those creatures? She has a hacking cough, a sore red looking runny nose, and she seems painfully thin. But she has the much vaunted "thigh-gaps", so i suppose that makes her pretty cool huh!:ambivalence:
Well, my bus arrives, pretty much on time.And i'm on my way. Home James, and don't spare the derv.
The driver has a radio playing, the golden phoenix, a tired looking residential care-home, and a short ride to the next village,hustle and bustle gives way to grass verges, with brambles, and the black eerie outlines of the hawthorns. I always harbored a kind of admiration for the hawthorn. Strong,sturdy,uncompromising, and those "black" thorns, if you ever got stuck by one as a kid, the memory lingered.:hurt:
Yeah, i know. Well go read something else then.
Pressing on, to a four-way roundabout, a veritable "magic-roundabout". Boing! Said zebede.:icon_cheesygrin:
A short detour, to the out of town outpatients clinic, then we climb the hill into town. My hill. My town.
It's funny how, in the summer, or spring , rain can leave everywhere, the air we breath even, seeming so fresh, y'know? But t'day? UGH!
"Booze 4 less", i really don't think that those places are a good idea, but then, well,i DO enjoy a drink myself, it's all down to the individual isn't it.:neutral:
A tall building,painted the color of,well, it's difficult to describe, red clay springs to mind, not quite terracotta. "Eastern Spice" Indian eatery.
And home. Well no, i don't actually live at the Indian, but i am, just about home.
God that wind.

going home............................

dither omelette, cos i'm feeling just a little bit scrambled right now.
No surprises there then.



..my head is spinning while I'm reading all of it dither..entertaining stuff kidda.
'Noyn unt noyn luft-baloonze' by Nena... remember it well. 'Moynuh' girlfriend at the time was a huge fan. Duetche noya(?)-wave. Appreciate the bit about(and self-crit/observation) the hawthorne.

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