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Discription of Baglas Children “The Searcher”

[h=1]Baglas Children “The Searcher”[/h] James is a family man, a psychiatrist in need of time to clear his mind. He decides to go to a native holy spot to get in touch with his native side. Once there he finds a doorway to a cavern lined with what appears to be life size paintings. Going through that doorway has an effect on him he never knew. James can become a dog.
When he tries to retrieve his Backpack from the holy spot he finds the way blocked and goes in search of help, hopefully to return home. He notices something in one of the paintings, trying to get a closer look he falls through to another world. Again the way through changed him, he is back to a man. Not knowing how the change works he tries to become the dog once more, only to find himself stuck somewhere in mid transformation.
Unable to get back to the cavern he heads out looking in hopes of finding someone that can tell him where he is and possibly how to return. Only to discover there are two types of dog in this land. He runs into one group that is not friendly to strangers at first, yet let him be because he is different than them.
He is befriended by a female that is an outcast of the pack hunters that discovered him. While with her he discovers the secret of the change and is now able to do it with ease. But James is finding himself becoming more and more the dog the longer he is trapped in this world.
After being discovered again, it now is known that he is a changeling. The pack elder Essel sets a chain of events that draws James into the pack after Essel’s demise. With Essel gone, the pack, now under the leadership of the past leader’s mate, learns the truth about themselves.
James desire to return home lessens as time goes by. He finds himself attracted to Ahkeer, the female that first befriended him.
After becoming mates James and Ahkeer find a clue on how he can return home. One last effort finds the porthole open and James is faced with the decision of staying or returning to his wife and children.


Well I took the next step. Before I joined this Writers Forum I had filled out the questionnaire at [FONT=&quot]Dorrance Publishing Co. on line. I told them my manuscript was complete and I needed a reading. but I did not send it to them right away. Two phone calls from them and two e-mails later I sent it. Now i need to wait about a week before they decide to give me a personal publishing consultant. From there they will help me decide what and how I might proceed. Needless to say I am nervous and wander if I have done enough. I was undecided as to what way to go first, post it here in the forum or send it there. Depending on what they say will determine my next course. In the mean time I will work on putting up here some other works I have in progress.

Wish me luck.

Umm... I do not know if I should be excited or not but I got this e-mail from David Zeolla, President of Dorrance Publishing co. "Bagla's Children; The Searcher" Has been accepted. I have been assigned a Publishing Services Consultant. I as of yet have not heard from him but I am anxiously awaiting his contact. I can post the form letter I received explaining the details. But it is just the SOP and telling me they are accepting it.

Oh Boy, Oh boy, Oh boy.


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