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Disaster! Computer flashdrive failure!

So, my backup flashdrive failed and I have lost a considerable amount of valuable data, irretrievable. Disaster! I normally have backup on backup but due to events this last year, I lapsed on that habit and didn't follow through this one time. Of course, that's when failure of the drive you didn't think would fail does.... So, on top of getting a summer cold and catching up on life after my writing marathon for the contests, wrapping those up and sending them off, I haven't been on this site as much as I had planned on being this past few weeks. Ce' la vie.....

Now comes the work to try and rebuild my files (some of which I won't know what to recapture until I need them). Woe is me! My son (who works in the software computer business) also pointed out to me that I have to shorten my file names and reorganize them into more "friendly" extensions (ergo the mysteriously disappearing files for the past few years). ANOTHER massive project.... ugh

As well, I have been using Apache Open Office for over 10 years now, not wanting to spend the fortune Microsoft charges for Office. But I am going to have to convert over as there is a real problem apparently with Windows 10 and Open Office(I'm still on Windows 95) and I don't want to risk having major access problems when eventually I have to upgrade to 10.... that would be a nightmare I can't even contemplate. It makes me ill to think of it.

This will be a massive project. I have thousands of files of all sorts. If I'm not writing I'm creating documents of other types. All day. I don't work, but I am productive. I have a blog website, I do research, keep notes, write letters, genealogy, a little bit of everything. The lists go on....... so, lots of documents for years and year and years. sigh.......... Overwhelming. (I could easily spend the next two years on the file extension name shortening and document conversions alone and not do anything else.......)

Tonight is a poetry writers group, that will be a welcome break in the computer work. There is a poem nagging at the corners of my mind, it will pop out when it's ready. That's how it happens for me. Signing off for today.


I'm still trying to wrap my head around how your flash drived died. They're soild state. Never seen that happen.
Losing a sector or two, sometimes... rarely. But the whole thing? That is some statistcally unlucky stuff there.

And you're running Windows 95?! God bless you. I'm rocking Office 97. One of the few old programs that still works on Win 10.
Stay away from Windows 10 as long as you can. I'm sure your son knows.

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