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Disaster central

The morning isn't going well. First, the coffee pot died. Grounds were everywhere, and it took me a while to clean up. Then the kitchen room air conditioner quit. I had to pull out a cabinet to hit the reset button. There were plants on the cabinet, one with water, which of course spilled all over the floor. Then I spilled jam all over my shirt.

I don't know what is it about gooey substances and me. I was using mastic working on a bathroom remodel the other day and managed to get it on the floor, all over me, the sink. No matter whether it's paint, glue, caulk, or anything sticky I manage to smear it all over. Still, small disasters are a lot better than big ones.


I'm NEVER the optimist, but:

You have a coffee pot.
You have air conditioning.
You have a kitchen with food in it.
You have the skills and supplies to fix-up your house.

The mess around, and on us, is not always a bad thing.
I can make you feel better about your day by sharing mine from yesterday.

The morning was going well, I am a logger and was in the process of cutting and skidding trees, beautiful morning, in the woods by myself, it could not be more peaceful. Around 11am I run over a limb that I had cut at an angle to drive over with my skidder, maybe 8 inches in diameter. The skidder is not small, more than 10 tons and able to drive over small cars without even slowing down, anyway I puncture on of the tires on the machine, the tire is as tall as I am standing. The machine is now in the mud at the bottom of the hill, I am not sure I can even get it out of the woods. I manage after some effort to get the thing going, I put it in high gear hoping momentum will carry me past the rough stuff, pushing the engine hard it gets hot, when I am out to the road it is on fire from branches that have accumulated around the engine, I manage to get the fire out. The problem now finding a tire, I can not buy just one the need to be the same size so I can not get one new one but have to buy two so they match, cost is $4500. Not to play one up manship but I do feel better after complaining..
this is what a skidder is

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