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Digging Out the Mountain

18th – 23 July

For now the latest focus is on digging out the hole so the cabin can be built. I reckon a week and it’ll be ready.
Mike would be up and ready at 6 in the morning as he’d usually make a start. Then I’d join him by about 9 and do some digging.
Then by about 11 in the morning we’d take a break until late afternoon where we’d get a few more hours done.
During the day I’d try and get some other stuff done plus chores.

Mike’s garden is coming on a treat. I tried some of his radishes and lettuce, they tasted delicioso.
My garden peas are now sprouting too. I kept them watered as did MMM and after ten days or so are now showing signs of fruition.
Mountain Mike has said I can have a patch of land to build a cabin on!
High generousity indeed and I still am surprised by it!
Perhaps if more folks come up to MMM’s land to help out all summer they too could be a part of ‘Mike’s Gulch!’
After having a look around Mike advised me on the best location’s for cabin building.
I narrowed them down to one area.
It has a Snowy Range sunrise, plenty of sun in the morning, shady in the afternoon and evening.
It also has commanding views of the approaching road.
Of course I have to help him build his cabin first though, hopefully in the next week or so the hole will be dug!

As an experiment I decided to see how ¼ inch thick plexi-glass would stand up to the ‘mighty’ .22LR
Well, a part of me kinda hoped it would be a shock to see the .22 be defeated by plastic.
Here’s the result:


The harsh laws of explosive velocity put paid to a single sheet of plexiglass having bullet resistant property’s.
MMM noted that an array of plexi-glass with wood sandwiched between them would be a credible option though, something I might try proof-testing, but that is for another time....


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