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Diaries of the Unknown: Chapter 5

July 30, 2010
Dear Diary,
Today, I went with Gran to Keizer Station. Before we left, Gran sent a text to Sandy that we were going to Keizer Station. We were suppose to catch the bus a few minutes to 10 this morning but I had a problem with my bra. I wear a size 40 DD but I had the bra so twisted up that I had to ask gran to help me to undo it. Gran asked me what size I suppose to be wearing and I told. “I think you should be wearing a 42 because the bra you got on is tight,” she said. But then, we got out of the apartment to go to the bus stop. I asked if we were going to the library. “No, we’re going on Monday to pick up the books. We’re just going to Keizer Station,” she said as we were crossing the street. So we got to the stop knowing that the street is getting fixed so we were watching for the bus to turn afraid that the bus. So we were talking about CJ not being a special needs child because Sandy and Rodd didn’t she is a special needs child. How can she not a special needs child if she’s in an ESD school?
Speaking of CJ being in school she got her shots and Sandy got CJ registered in school in school. Sandy told me and Gran at McDonald’s since Gran and I didn’t have lunch. We were going to go shopping at Wal-Mart after Sandy picked Gran and me from World Market. Gran and Sandy were having a fight about where Gran and I were. Sandy misunderstood WM that Gran sent in a text to be Wal-Mart on Lancaster. So Sandy asked Gran if she and I want to be picked up from Wal-Mart and drop off Todd and CJ at the apartment. Sandy and Todd didn’t have the key to the apartment. So Sandy came to pick us up from World Market and dropped off CJ and Todd with the stuff Gran and I bought from World Market. It was 2 soup cups with spoons, 2 bowls for popcorn, 1 ceramic coffee cup with a rubber plastic lid, and a package of seaweed. World Market is very much like 10,000 Villages.
So Sandy drops Todd and CJ off at the apartment and she takes Gran and me out of the parking lot and kept asking Gran which store she would like to get certain food items for supper tonight. Gran decided Wal-Mart but asked Sandy if she had lunch because we hadn’t had lunch. But before that Gran told Sandy the doctor called this morning before Gran and I left out of the apartment and Gran told the doctor that Todd’s boil busted last night and he walked like an 80 year old man this morning before leaving. Todd was told to soak it last night for 20 minutes which he did. The doctor said the bursting was a good thing. I’m not sure why it was a good thing.
So we decided on McDonald’s and we discussed more on CJ’s schooling. Gran asked me if I came along to the fruit stand with them before and I said no. I swear the young male clerk there was looking at me when we were ot the of her side of the store. When we came to check out the stuff we got. I had to go back to the car to get some more bags because we had brought 2 bags from the number of bags from the back of the car. I came back into the store and Gran and Sandy were talking to the clerk about the Honest Teas the Gran and I always liked. The clerk said that he’s been drinking them because he liked them. I guess Gran and I like the Honest Tea from that store.
So after the fruit stand, we went to the school district building because Sandy wanted to check something. She thought that she needed to find out about the list that was given to the parents last year and they thought they had to get the items on the list. Which, of course, they didn’t need to. So we went to Safeway. I came in where Sandy and Gran are standing and @ an angle a balloon which is the shape of a sun smiling and it looked like it was drunk like the picture on page 19. Except it didn’t have checked sun rays. Then Sandy, Gran, and I were in the freezer aisle and Sandy asked Gran about the potato wedgies. I was about to ask Gran or Sandy if potato wedgies came from kids who were given wedgies. But I stopped myself and laughed. Gran asked, “What? What was I laughing about?” and I said, “You wouldn’t want to know.” Sandy hear me say that and said, “Mom, give me your cane.”You’re gonna hurt yourself,” gran said. “I know. That’s why I want to use your cane.” Sandy was wanting 2 hit me with gran’s cane.
After we came back to the complex’s parking lot, some kids were nearby the car and my aunt went to check out what that was about after I took the watermelon up to the apartment. Gary, the maintenance guy for the complex, went to check it out too. After I came down to get more groceries from the back of the car and I found out there was a possum and the kids were pissing it off. Problem was it was dying and Gary made Sandy volunteer to help him out on getting the possum into the trash can. It embarrassed Sandy because apparently Mac, my grandfather, taught her not to volunteer on helping throw possums. Or something like that. So she comes into the apartment all embarrassed.


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