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Desert reptiles

A guy came to the house. He said he used to live here back in the forties.

I wasn't home. Too bad. I would have given him the tour.

He told my wife there used to be horned toads around, and desert tortoises. It's pretty hard to find them now even in the desert.

There's something about human activity- I think it's the cars- that is killing off the the desert reptiles.

Like thirty years-ago we had gone out to Palm Springs to catch desert iguanas. Our friend was all excited about catching them but we didn't see one. He kept saying that they were everywhere. But that was like 10 years earlier. We didn't see any.

So something about cars and people- not bulldozers and houses, because there is still a shit ton of open land- wiped out the iguanas. And the tortoises, and the horned toads.

And that's all I have to say about that.



That says a lot. We're part of and dependent on the biodiversity that we're seeing the changes in, but that doesn't seem to register with many.

Thanks for sharing.
In my experience, people are often
not aware of their behaviors and habits
impact on the enviroment around them.
And less awareregarding wildlife habitat.
While education over the years has raised
awareness it’s practice remains
less than sufficient, currently, in changing
the direction of habitat and wildlife
salvation. It’s a case of ‘site unseen’.
If they don’t see it they don’t try or care.
Sadly, apathy, disregard, laziness and
greed, I feel are at the core of this
My theory in this case is that the mere existence of roads once they reach a certain traffic level, number of trips i.e. tire squishes, has caused a cataclysmic ( forget the term) mathematical check mate of certain species. We still got snakes and blue belly lizards, alligator, leg less, sand ( but extremely rare to see horned toad) and also rare: tiger whip tail.


i wondered if either of you might get this. It's about land usage, and values, and man above all else and by tangent manifest destiny. It flopped back when I posted it. I think people wanted a western. :)

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